Cult Leader Who Calls Himself ‘Jesus’ Wanted For 59 Counts of Child Molestation

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American Police are on a serious manhunt  for cult leader Victor Barnard, the founder of The River Road Fellowship in rural Minnesota. He is currently facing 59 counts of child molestation.


As reported by several members of the cult to the police, Barnard asked them to send their girls to what they thought was a summer camp. However, the girls, while at campm were asked to perform sexual acts on him.

Ranging from 12-24, 10 girls attended and according to a source he owned a calendar that had a schedule mapping out what he was planning to do with each girl at what time.

The girls seemed to like him as he had twisted their minds but whenever one of them became of age and refused him he would replace her for a much younger girl.

Victor Arden Barnard’s reign of sexual terror dates back to 2000. Unfortunately, investigations began only two years ago. According to police, Barnard and his followers fled Minnesota when the investigation began . In 2012 one of the girls who had been his victim came forward with allegations of grave misconduct. According to her, when she was 24, she was in a subgroup of young female worshippers known as “Alamoth” or “The Maidens.” To these young women, Barnard called himself Jesus. He told them they were to remain permanently under his watch and never marry. Barnard went further and told them that they were to stay virgins, yet sex with him was not a sin.

It is also rumored that Barnard had entered heat from some of his male members for allegedly sleeping with wives.

In a subsequent statement of the father of one of the abused child, he described Barnard as a man who was magnificent at manipulation and always used fear to keep his followers obedient. Even at present, authorities are finding it hard to get witnesses or members of the cult to come forward with important information

“We have a lot of credible evidence that the entire group left together,” says Blackwell. “They pulled up stakes and went to Washington as a group. We don’t know where they went from there.”

These allegations have put the residents of Pine County in shock and wondering who Victor Barnard really was. According to those who knew him, he was a former standout student hockey player and had lots of friends at Hobart College in upstate New York.

“He was definitely a very nice guy,” college classmate Jeff Talbot tells PEOPLE. “When he talked, people would listen. He made you want to hear what he had to say. He was magnetic.”

But according to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, he joined a cult after a particularly brutal argument with his mother and since then he had never been the same.

We pray he is found soon.

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