Court Orders 50 Cent To Pay $16Million To Sleek Headphones For Breach Of Contract

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A judge has ruled against rapper 50 Cent in his battle against Sleek Headphones, ordering him to pay over $16million.

Sleek Audio has claimed that 50, who was once going to collaborate with Sleek on his own line of headphones, stole their top-secret designs and eventually developed the line Sync by 50 with another company– but according to Sleek it had “basically the same design, mechanically” as their potential collaboration.

 Sleek also sued 50 for “misappropriating trade secrets, breaching his fiduciary duty owed to Sleek, participating in a civil conspiracy, breaching his confidentiality agreement with Sleek, and being unjustly enriched.”
Sleek also claimed in their suit that 50 and his assistants blatantly stole confidential information from their website, such as potential customer e-mail addresses and other data. Apparently when Sleek e-mailed 50’s team about the breach, his personal business manager Nicolee Martin wrote “[Sleek] is onto us, LOL. They emailed and called … about the data.”
50 has been ordered by a judge to pay up $11,693,247 in damages, plus $4,488,331 in attorney’s fees.


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