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Call me a bitter woman who can get no man and has decided to settle for a brown delicious bar of sweetness which goes away in all of five minutes instead of going for a man who will be there forever, I don’t care.

All I know is that I stumbled on some article on which discusses why chocolate is better than a man and I agree!

First, Chocolate will never ever leave you. Chocolates (sorry, diamonds) are a girl’s best friend and no matter how annoying, cranky or crabby you get, chocolate will never yell at you and walk out on you. It would be there, in your hands enjoying how you suck it in and enjoy the sweetness.

Chocolate is always at your beck and call no matter the case. So there is no issue of not calling you back like a man would do. Chocolates are always there when you reach for them and they are always ready to satisfy you without complaining.

Chocolate does not nag. Men like to attribute this to women alone but we all know men nag more than women sometimes. But guess who doesn’t nag at all? Not even when you dig your teeth into it and chew on it without mercy? It is chocolate yo!

Chocolate will give its life for you. A man won’t give his life for you no matter how much he loves you but chocolate would and guess what? It does this without complaining. As you chew on it and end its life while you enjoy yourself, chocolate does not complain, it holds on until it is all in. such love!


Chocolate will never let you down. Never!

Chocolate will never pressure you. It is not like men, it actually won’t put you through all that emotional rollercoaster men put you through.

Do you have any other suggestion on how or why chocolate is better than a man? Share!



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  1. Loooool! Quite funny, but not totally d**b. Let me tell you, men can leave you PMS free for a whole nine months, no pain, but chocolates instead, add to the pain of PMS (only those who always experience it anyways).

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