Chinese Contractors In Ghana Slap Ghanaian Workers At Work

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According to the workers, they are often given dirty slaps whenever they are explaining issues to the Chinese who could not understand the language. In view of that, the angry Ghanaian workers have appealed to the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of the area, Madam Priscilla Arhen, to prevail on the Chinese to stop their hostile attitude toward them. The irritated workers stated that they would have no other option than to clash with the expatriate contractors if they continued with their unfriendly attitude towards them.

‘They get angry easily and slap us when we are talking to them, since they don’t understand our language and think we are insulting them, when even we are explaining issues to them,’ they alleged.

‘We cannot be treated this way just because we do not have any other work to do. Please President Mahama, do something about it because we cannot go to their country and molest them in a similar way,’ one of the Ghanaians appealed through DAILY GUIDE .

The workers made the appeal when the MCE inspected work on projects being undertaken by the government at Cape Coast. The projects include the Sports Stadium, Kotokuraba market, Mensah Sarbah school block and a road from OLA to Adisadel College, under the aegis of Urban Roads. Poly Tanks were donated to OLA Training College.

The workers expressed concern about the way they are being paid GH¢10.00 a day as labourers, contrary to the GH¢14.00 a day promised. Madam Arhen, who expressed shock about the issue promised to talk to the Chinese contractors to desist from the hostile behaviour. At the Kotokuraba Market, the MCE noted that about 866 temporary stores had been completed and so the remaining materials would be sent to the other site at GBC to build the rest of the stores there.

The Site Engineer, Euson Wu, said they were given two years to complete the project and so they were on course. Mr. Wu added that 23 toilet facilities as well as three lorry parks would be built for the community. He disclosed that plans were underway to get in touch with the authorities of the Ghana Fire Service to put fire extinguishers at the place to ensure total safety at the markets.


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