Caught In The Act; Kim Kardashian Busted!

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A real Kim Kardashian act; she made her fans believe she was at a picturesque beach in Thailand, when in fact she wasn’t at all. After having a luxurious vacation in Thailand with her family, Kim posted a picture to her social media pages on April 2 with the caption, “Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand,” but she didn’t snap the picture herself — it’s a photo easily found on Google Images!

After having posted tons of photos from her Thailand trip, it was an odd choice for Kanye West’s fiancée to use a photo that didn’t belong to her. While plenty of fans initially posted their jealousy that Kardashian and her family were somewhere so gorgeous, it wasn’t long before followers started slamming the former sex tape star for scooping a Google Image.

kim's instagram

“Thank you for the beautiful memories Google,” one follower wrote sarcastically. Another wrote, “B*tch this is from Google.”

A simple Google Image search with the keyword “Thailand,” and the photo Kardashian posted pops up in the top 20. Kardashian’s photo got nearly 600,000 likes on Instagram.

the picture on google.
the picture on google.

Having to keep up with the Kardashians was becoming tiring and boring and word is, this isn’t the first time they have been caught faking it!

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