Calm Down: Globacom Warns Of Termination Of P-Square’s Contract If They Split

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A P-Square split would mean the end of their endorsement deal with Globacom, according to a source.

Stories have emerged about the impending split of the megastar duo, reportedly over finances and instigated by Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo.

P-Square have been with Globacom since 2010, and the Vanguard revealed that a split would to the termination of the contract.

“Since Glo has a contract with P-Square, and not with Peter or Paul, their breakup will definitely lead to the termination of the contract,” a source told the newspaper.



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  1. Lik seriously I stil feel dat peter is rili makin a hell of mistake by leavin his family and cleavin to just his wife and kids becus u can’t totally leav ur family out of ur life. If u don’t ned dem, ur kids myt need dem, and I expect peter to calm down and reconcile cus witout dos family, there wunt b lola and her kids.

  2. urge them to deal with each
    other PERSONALLY and not let
    their BEAUTIFUL ONYINEs to
    scatter them.
    E NO EASY but they should try not
    to involve in any BIZZY BODY
    because it will only lead to more
    DANGER and their fans will no
    longer be able to dance ALINGO
    STAND UP to each other and sort it
    out, you guys need to be MORE
    THAN A FRIEND to each other now
    and ignore the TEMPTATION of
    parting ways, but per adventure it
    still doesn’t work out well, them
    it’s GAME OVER! U both should ur matters amicable

  3. Is very bad dat two twins we have to broke up, no matter anything dat happened, God join dem together right from the womb, and now dey broke up juxt bcus of money or wat ever, pls u guy’s should come together again, we your fans needs you now!

  4. Seeing paul and peter breaking is just like a night-mare,some of their fans are sheilding tears beacause of their breaking up.they should handle things in appropriate way the only thing that can break them up is only when they are discusing their business with their wives and even family affairs can not be discus with them.Anything they can not do on there own they should consult their big brother JUDE please don’t break up I love u guys a tree can not make a forest two good heads are better than one please don’t break up.

  5. P-squre u guys are fuckn up.. I can’t blv you guys are doing this now…
    See bro.. Am a twin and I cant breakup with my twin because of money…
    See bro you guys should just get back together cos am wondrn if you guys are twin and you guys should think like men and not boys…
    You guy are just making I and my twin to be ashame…

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