Buhari Lashes Out At Jonathan For Attending Political Rally Hours After Nyanya Bomb Blast

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Former military head of state Genera Muhammad Buhari has expressed disgust over President Goodluck Jonathan’s attendance of a political rally in Kano merely hours after the grisly attack in Nyanya, Abuja.

A post on his Facebook wall reads,

It is inconceivable and utterly disrespectful that the president can afford a political rally in the wake of yesterday’s tragedy. This morning, dozens of our girls were abducted in an area that is supposedly under state of emergency. All these are not enough to evoke the appropriate empathy and restrain from the authorities concerned.

I ask just like every other Nigerian; what amount of tragedy, what amount of death toll and terrorist inhumanity can compel the government to expose and bring to justice all those who are responsible for this violence?

How many more will have to die and how many more will have to suffer before this government wakes up to its responsibility and wield the long arm of justice on any individual or group threatening the security and stability of this country?

The war against terrorism cannot be won by merely issuing statements and condolences while merrying and dancing at political rallies. It can only be won with decisive leadership and unflinching political will.



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