Boko Haram: More Than A Plea

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These are not fun times in our country. Boko Haram has made certain of that. Bombing Abuja, abducting female students, killings, maiming, kidnapping and all sort of mayhem has been unleashed on the Nation.

Nobody is safe. Muslims, Christians, animist and even sango worshippers are all targeted by this marauding henchmen. It makes me miss the days of Anini and other armed robbers that terrorized us in the 80s. Those days, we thought we were witnessing real terror, when Aninii and his band of merry men unleashed a reign of terror on Benin and it’s environs. We all thought this was the ultimate in terror merchandising. All sort of myths were woven around the person of Lawrence Anini and he really lived up to the billing until he was caught  and we all heaved a sigh of relief.

What we are facing now has made Anini,”s reign look like a kindergarten party. Men,these people are invincible. Bombs? Nothing and nobody is spared and our security people are finding it extremely difficult to contain these ‘idiots’.

Well I have decided to stand up and be counted. These are no longer times for cowardice. I hereby register my protest. Boko Haram and it’s promoters must seize this campaign and begin to use other means to achieve their particular demand. The bloodshed especially the killing of innocent children and women is becoming nauseating. It is revolting and to say the least annoying.

What do you plan to achieve bombing and Maiming poor innocent people , who have done nothing wrong but choose the wrong place to stand or urinate. People who even under normal circumstances find it very difficult to survive, yet you kill them to achieve what. This senseless killings have to stop, there is no more time for media sound bites and fake anger, we need to be very constructive in dealing with this matter.

This is not just an issue for the federal government and APC should stop playing politics with it. This is a national tragedy, that needs everybody’s support in quenching. The civilian population has a Major role to play in this. These terrorists mingle with the civilian population in planning and executing their dastardly act. All suspicious movements and strangers should be put under strict surveillance and reported immediately once we notice unholy, movements. We must all be alive to our responsibilities as citizens of this country.

Kai, this is too much, I m so filled with righteous anger as I write. I have been wanting to join this fight, but my mother has been holding me back. I wish I was an orphan with no blood ties, I would have been a man and joined one of the services to fight against wanton destruction and carnage. Churches, parks, schools everywhere have been bombed no respect o. Our school kids, little girls, elderly citizens everybody Kai this is madness, I cry as I write this. Sleep has eluded me and I cannot eat each time I see these pictures.

But wait some great politician has his sons wedding in the epicenter of this crises with no incident. All the VIP guest all come and go safely. It makes me think. Not that I wished them evil, but it makes me wonder, if these Boko Haram are really invincible or is there a remote control somewhere with respect for some powerful individuals, who can party and frolic in peace and only for carnage to be unleashed immediately after. I’m just thinking o

This is final warning to these people. It’s not threat o, it’s just beg. Whatever is the issue, we can talk. We will stop going to school, we will even stop speaking English and start dressing like you guys, we will all convert to your brand of Islam, just stop the killings and bombings. It is ok. I m really begging.

To the commander, please don’t vex with the beginning of this article, all the bragging I was making, it was because NEPA had taken light and the heat got into my head, I was not warning or threatening you o. Just help us with a ceasefire at least let us bury And mourn our deaths in peace and we will be willing to invite you to the National conference to discuss your matter or better still we can even convene a new one anywhere you want, Libya, Cameroun, adamawa anywhere just stop killing us.

If you want to contact me for further discussions call me on my NITEL number, or send me a txt through your TV set and I will surely get it and make myself available.

Enough is enough!

Edgar J

Edgar J

An Investment banker with a chip on his shoulder. A deep thinker with a different view of the society. Blogger and theatre critic, Edgar passes social commentary on Events, issues and people usually from a humorous standpoint. Sometimes caustic and almost fearless, he mixes his vitriolic abuses with humour such that the message hits you with a buffer that makes you smile. He runs a regular column in MODEMEN Magazine while still keeping his day job as a Financial Adviser cum wealth manager. A keen sportsman, Edgar loves the exciting game of train spotting. As there are no more trains in Lagos, he has taken upon the keen sport of Molue counting. He believes that in the next five years, these legendary modes of transport unique to Lagos would disappear hence his interest in them. A Lagosian by birth and a Shomolu man by residence. Welcome to Chantal’s....

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