Beneath Her Veil …Episode 13 by @Tomilola_coco

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Hi guys. I’m sorry I went off without notice for so long. I know how annoying it is for me to have done that but believe me, it wasn’t intentional.

Initially, I got busy and then somewhere along the line, I got one of the rudest shocks of my life medically. It shook me and I have not exactly been able to write for a while. I’m sorry but I didn’t plan for this to happen.

If you would have me back, I have decided to write everyday till beneath her veil is over. So you have brand new episodes for the next few days.

Thank you for always sticking with me even when I am like PHCN. I love you guys.



“He… he… he did it… it was… it was every night and every time he got me alone”

Dede cringed where she was standing, the young teenager in front of the camera struggled with the words that were going to change her life and her father’s forever.

She wanted to be free, wanted to feel better but it was hard getting those words out, Dede wanted to hold her, tell her it would be okay and help her get the words out but she knew no matter what she did, the girl had to say the words out at her own time.

She glanced at Dede, helpless. Dede smiled at her, silently assuring her that it was okay for her to talk, it was her only chance at freedom and it was the only way she could ever really feel at peace with herself.

She faced the cameras and continued, this time with renewed strength and motivation.

“He raped me every night and every time he got me alone, initially I did not complain because I was afraid but after I met Aunty Dede, she made me know that I had to speak to be truly free”

Toni reached for Dede’s hands and held it, she squeezed it, holding on to it tightly as if scared that if he let her go she would not make it.

Funlola battled tears as she watched the teenager narrate her experiences with her abusive father, Dede reached for her hand and she did not hold back. She slipped her hands into hers and the trio stood there, watching the moment they had all worked so hard towards in the last two weeks.

The truth was finally out and the girls were free from the hell they had been in for a very long time.




Dede loved every second of it and did not want it to end. She had not laughed with Funlola that much in a very long time and she enjoyed it.

When CJ and Toni walked behind them as they approached the door after dinner, she had whispered an apology to Funlola.

Funlola simply smiled back and Dede hoped it meant they could at least have a clean slate.

Dede walked to her car, she opened the door and had almost stepped in when she heard gunshots. Because she had been used to gunshots for a while now, she had quickly ducked inside her car.

After a few minutes, she stepped out, joined Toni and Funlola who were crouching in front of CJ. He was wounded, the shot had hit him and even though he could still talk, he seemed angry.

His bodyguards had emerged from nowhere and were carrying him towards his car.

“Get those bastards, they have overdone it this time!” he yelled as he was put in the backseat of his car.



FUNLOLA HAD NOT BEEN IN A HOSPITAL IN A VERY LONG TIME, she did not really like hospitals and as a little girl she had run away and cried buckets at the sight of needles.

It was something her and Dede always dreaded and bonded over, now as she sat near her friend and her ex husband, she realized she was not only feeling the usual hatred she had for hospital environments, she was feeling sick.

She felt a bout of nausea as her nose caught a faint smell of disinfectant which hung in the air.

She tried to hold it in, but when the smell became stronger, she stood up.

“Are you okay?” Dede asked.

Funlola shook her head. “I need… toilet…” she managed to say as she raced towards the nearest toilet. Dede followed her and got there in time to hold her hair back while she vomited all the food she had earlier that day.

“Thank God we are in a hospital” Dede said, “You can see a doctor”

Funlola nodded as she tried to calm her nerves.



CJ WAS NOT ONE TO BE TOYED WITH. He never took it lightly when anybody dared to step on his toes and he made sure whoever came too close was made to realize that he or she was asking for a death wish.

He was a bad man in the real sense of the word and it was only people who were close to him and who he cared about that he actually only went out of his way for.

Any other person was just not welcome into his inner circle.

He had been shot shortly after they stepped out of the TV station where they revealed the people who had made their daughters and family, victims in their own home and while he had still been quietly working on ways to make Kunle Bifarin pay for his past sins, he had been shot by some unknown person who was driving by.

Unknown person who was going to be revealed very soon.

He knew his boys dared not return without the person’s identity, his head and the person who had sent him. And he knew what he would do, he was very certain on what would come next.

He would splatter their brains on their favorite couch and made sure their families witnessed the gory sight.

It was how he lived and how he had come to be feared by his enemies.

He simply wasn’t one to be messed with.


His bodyguards had returned, he glanced at them, not uttering a word and waiting for the news he had been expecting for hours.

“We found the person responsible for the drive by shooting”

He waited for the rest of the story.

“The guy has been wasted, his colleague is still with us but we got who sent them.”

He waited for that very important information.

“It was Titi Williams”

CJ had not been expecting that.


FUNLOLA STARED AT THE PEE STICK AS IF THAT WOULD MAKE THE TWO LINES APPEARING ON IT REDUCE TO ONE. She could not believe what she was staring at and she did not know what to feel.

She had never hoped to be a single mom, never dreamt of it and never for once thought of it. She was going to be Toni’s wife and the mother of his kids and that was it.


But now that phase of her life was long over and she was with child, everything became harder and confusing.

She stared at the Pee stick in her hands and picked the other three she had bought from the pharmacy earlier. Leaning on the wall, she discarded them and screamed her lungs out.

Things were never simple for her, they simply got complex and more complex and so very complex that it made her wonder why the supernatural beings or whatever forces ruled the world, were against her.

Her phone rang, it was CJ. She ignored it and walked out of the bathroom. She did not feel like talking to him at the moment. She did not need him at the moment.



DEDE KNEW WHAT LOVE FELT LIKE, courtesy of Toni. He had showed her what love was like and how she could enjoy it and she had poured herself into it, she had fallen so hard for him, she was sure falling out of love was impossible.

It simply couldn’t happen.

She threw her arms around him and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“We should have a baby” he muttered as his mouth found hers. She chuckled and stared into his eyes, her eyes twinkling and her heart opening more doors to accommodate the man who had found a way to be a part of her very being.

“Are you sure?”

“I have never been surer about anything in my life. I have always wanted you honey and now I want a baby with you so bad” he was serious, his eyes told her that.

“Are you sure this is not too early? I don’t want Funlola to feel bad about all of these, I think it would be insensitive to get knocked up right now”

“I don’t think so Dede…”

“I think so. I am trying to work on our friendship right now, I don’t want anything to ruin it” she said to him, remembering how hard it had been to get Funlola to speak to her after she had made her feel bad for having an affair with CJ a week before.

She wanted her friend back and she did not mind what it took to get her back, she knew deep down that she would give Toni up if it came to that. But she dared not tell him that.

“Okay, I will do as you wish your highness.” He said reluctantly, “I wish you would consider it though”

“I will. When this is ripe enough. I want your kid too Toni, I don’t even want one sef, I want to have all your kids, it would be either yours or nobody else’s but we cannot bring a kid into this relationship yet. We are all healing. By the way, until they find the guys trying to kill me, I shouldn’t be getting pregnant.” She tried to patronize him with a kiss and he smiled at her.

“But I can sha still make love to you abi?” he asked with a grin.

She nodded, “before nko. That one you have to do regularly, because I love it”

They giggled like teenagers as they found his couch and ripped each other’s clothes off.

The doorbell interrupted them and Toni grumbled as he strolled to the door.

He opened it and Funlola stood on the doorstep staring at him blankly.

“I’m pregnant Toni and it is all yours”

He wanted a baby but he had no idea it would be coming from this woman.



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  1. Very nice one! Titi Williams is Funlola’s mother, right? Coz its been long..and mo ti gbagbe o! Toni dey fuck up sha.. He must accept Funlola’s pregnancy o… Thumbs up to Tomilola!

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