Bad Relationship: When To Say Goodbye To Le Boo

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Being in a relationship is not a do or die affair. Unlike marriages where it is for better for worse, you have every option to opt out from a bad relationship. When it does nothing but messes your life up, it is time to leave that relationship behind and move on to greener pastures. When the following things happen, it is time to say goodbye to le boo:


1. When you are no longer happy around him: if you constantly feel like you need fresh air or you feel frustrated, depressed, angry and you need to escape, then you should start dusting your shoes ready to flee. He is supposed to make you feel happy and content and not drag you down with negativity.


2. You are always drained: you play baby-sitter all the time, start getting ready to say your farewells. It is good that he wants you around and wants to talk with you but what’s with the wanting you around all the time only to bombard you with their problems? He should also pay attention to your problems too and not always centre the relationship around him.


3. Always asking for money: please, if he is always asking you for money or to get him stuff everytime, leave him the heck alone. I’m not saying you can’t spend on your guy but when a guy is always asking and never giving, he is using you for nothing but his money bag. Run as fast as you can from him.


4. He is overly obsessive: I have issues with guys who think their girls are cheating especially when there is no reason to doubt her faithfulness. If he is unreasonably possessive, tailing you about, asking questions about who you are hanging out with or he always wants to ask where or why you are going out, oya pack your bags and say goodbye.


5. He is too controlling: for crying out loud, we are not militants so you should have a say in your relationship too. When he always acts like a dictator, dishing out orders not minding if they are convenient for you, you should leave. Who needs a man who makes her feel as if she is not important at all. You deserve better.


6. If he is always too busy: relationships are for two people not one person. If he knew he was always going to be busy all the time, why did he ask you out?! If he makes excuses not to go out on dates with you or hang out with you, refuses to pick your calls or return them, he rarely replies your messages, you should be on your way out of the relationship. If he is not making any effort to see you or talk with you, don’t force it, let him go.

7. He only loves you after sex: fact is, if a man only confesses his feelings during or after sex, you are just a rump in the sheet. He locks up afterwards and when you ask him, he is always trying to change the topic. Girl, do your heart a favour and flee.


You should always go where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Don’t be blind to the signs that the relationship is going no where.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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