#AfterSex Selfies: The Crazy New Trend on Instagram (Pics)

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The internet is a crazy place. People don’t keep their private lives private anymore. You eat, shower, make your hair, go to school, drive, hang out with friends and you take selfies and post them up on the net. There is no such thing as privacy; people want to share their lives with everyone else because everyone else has become a voyeur. It is just fun to peep into people’s existence and become pat of their drama.

When selfies began  I had a strong feeling the trend was going to be big but I had no idea the direction it was going to take until I saw the tag #AfterSex. It was utterly ridiculous. My first  thought was who on earth would want to share their post coital sex pictures for the world to see but before I could blink, it went viral. Now everyone seems to be doing it.

The idea is that you have sex and after that, you put up a picture of you and your sex partner on Instagram for everyone to see and add the tag #AfterSex. With the way it is trending I am very sure many people will not even do the deed and they’ll just pop in bed and take selfies and tag it just to be part of the madness.

I mean, but seriously, what’s the idea? So what if you’re having sex, must the whole world know? Where is the decency in that? And do these people not know that whatever gets on the internet never leaves the internet? Do they know that one day, some of these photo footprints we leave can come back and haunt us?

Back then we showed people photos of ourselves doing normal things and we go like, “Oh, here’s me and Nkechi in class. That’s Bola and Jide just engaged. That’s Dokuboh on his birthday.”

But no, that’s too boring, too mainstream. We have to jump, not just out of the box, but very far from it. And today we have, “hey, that’s me and Cynthia after five minutes of hot, boiling sex.”


I know that very soon someone would want to set a record, most likely a guy, of how many #AfterSex Selfies he has with different girls. And soon it would be a competition.

Anyway, whatever the trend, be rest assured that we’ll be here as voyeurs to bring you the hot gist.

selfies 5

selfie 3


selfie 6



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