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Trending recently is the banging new video, “123” from soul singer, Nikki Laoye, within the first few secs of its intro, you get to see the man behind the award winning song…his name – XBLAZE.
Xblaze, formerly known as Ade Laoye, is Nikki Laoye’s younger brother and one of her major producers since the inception of her career.
Also a budding recording artiste himself, with a couple of singles released over the past few years, Xblaze recently teamed up with his sister, Nikki to create another top charting dance single, “Your Number” which is generating rave reviews across Nigeria & beyond at the moment.
Today, Xblaze will like to share another piece of his remarkable creations called, “1AM Freestyle”, a HipHop/Soul song he created exactly at 1am, after a studio session with his sister as he simply sat back and reflected on the gift and beauty of his art. He also showcases his Nikki-inspired harmonies. Creativity at its best, we must say.
Renowned for his trailblazing sounds, This Easter, Xblaze presents a music production promo in conjunction with his management company, Wahala Media Entertainment for anyone out in the city of Lagos who would like to get the magical X touch on a song of their choice – recorded, mixed and mastered…just for N50,000.
A fantastic deal indeed and this also provides the chance to join the hitlist comprising of Nikki Laoye, Modenine, DJ Switch (winner,Glo X Factor), Base One and the reality music show, Glo X Factor, just to mention a few.


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