10 Common Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

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The right makeup makes you look good and feel confident about yourself. The right makeup accentuates your beauty and stops you from looking like a clown. These are common makeup mistakes should avoid:


1. Using the wrong foundation: when you are getting your foundation, make sure you get the one that is the best for your skin. It should blend with your skin and not be shades darker or lighter. So shop where a dermatologist or the sales rep can help you pick out one if you don’t know how to choose the right one.

2. Applying too much blush or powder: this is a no no. Why rub too much powder or blush on your face when you end up looking like a circus clown? Stick to using the powder that best suits your skin and use blush that will suit your natural skin colour. To look beautiful is the motive not to look like a joker, so stop with the excessive blush and powder.

3. Using the dark coloured lipstick: the dark coloured lipsticks may look good on some people but it’s definitely not for everyone. Imagine a black girl rocking a dark blue lipstick or a black one, scary right? Know the shade that best matches your skin tone and shop appropriately. If you just discovered a new makeup to add to your kit like bronzer, learn how to use it well before trying it on. We don’t want people laughing at us, do we?  

4. Too dark lip liner: I don’t think this is a common practice anymore but if you still do it, please stop. Do not use a light lipstick and then add a very dark lip liner. It doesn’t look good at all. Make sure your lip liner is almost close to the shade of your lipstick.

5. Applying lipstick on dry lips: if you have dry flaky lips, don’t apply lipsticks on them. Exfoliate your lips by brushing them with a soft brush or mosturize them by using lip balm.

6. Applying makeup on a “dry” face: dry skin has a way of making the face look dull, tired and old. Applying makeup on such face will only make it look worse. Ensure that your face is properly hydrated before you apply makeup. Take care of your face, exfoliate it with facial scrubs or naturally with lemon to remove dead cells.

7. Clumsy eyebrows: you can’t just look at some faces and not laugh. There eyebrows are very hilarious. Some shave off the hair and draw snake like looking lines there while some don’t just know the right pencil colours to use. Trim your eyebrows properly as well shaped eyebrows highlight the eyes and make them look more beautiful. Watch videos on youtubes on how to draw them properly or get a professional to help you.

8. Do not sleep with your makeup on: no matter how tired you are, try to wash your face before you go to bed. Sleeping with your makeup on can make your skin dry, give you infection or cause pimples and acne to break out.

9. Do not use cheap stuff on your face: there are some people that can get away with this. It is best to invest in products that are familiar, no matter how expensive you think they are. Cheap stuff tend to have ingredients that are very dangerous to the skin. Love your skin and pamper it too.

10. Using makeup not suitable for your age: nothing bad with trying to look younger but don’t overdo it. A 30 something year old going for the rockstar look? Nah. Some things should be left for kids to deal with. Use the right makeup for the right occassions and ditch mascaras that make your eyes look clumpy.


Go ahead and have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Alice Temitope Dako

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