10 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Should Totally Stop Making

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It is no longer the era where men are allowed to wear anything because they are not considered fashion conscious. These days, a man’s dressing says a lot about him. From his hair down to his shoes, everything about him makes an impression. Even if you don’t fancy following the fashion trend that much, save us the heartache or eyeache by avoiding these ten fashion blunders:


1. Walking Advertisement: it is cool that you love to deal in labels and the expensive stuff but wearing all these things at once is not cool at all. It is plain juvenile, not meant for adults at all. Just imagine wearing a label like Ed Hardy with very colourful designs; you are wearing the cap, the top and heavily chained wrangler jean? You will look like a thug from a cheaply made hollywood movie from the 80s. Shop for quality and not tags.


2. Oversized Clothes: this is a trend from the past we don’t need to be reminded of. Oversized clothes are definitely a big NO NO. Trim, fitted clothes make you look nice even for people on the big side. If you think you are hiding a pot belly inside a really big tee shirt, you will just end up looking bigger than normal.


3. Skin tight clothes: in a competition with your girlfriend? Why the body hugging clothes? You see some guys and you wonder how they breathe with all the skin tight trousers and body hugging tops they are wearing. Fitted is different from skin tight. Do the little man down there a favour and set it free. The fear of prostrate cancer should drum some senses into you.


4. Pairing socks with sandals: you can only do this in secondary school where it is mandatory as part of your uniform. Asides that, you should not be caught wearing socks with sandals. If you are wearing the socks because of cold, you should wear shoes instead as they keep your feet warmer.


5. Wearing the wrong colour of shoes: this is very common especially with coperate wears. Wearing the wrong colour of shoes with your suit makes you look anything but presentable. Pair a black suit with black shoes, grey suits with black or camel shoes, brown suits with brown or camel suits and navy suits with black, tan, camel or oxblood-coloured shoes.


6. Overstuffing your pockets: this is for men that put everything puttable inside their pockets; house keys, office keys, bulky wallets filled with stash of complimentary cards, receipts, cash and atm cards, mobile phones etc. Bulging pockets make you look bigger and unpresentable. You should get a messanger bag that can carry all your neccesities. If you don’t want to carry a bag, wear a blazer with inner pockers. You can distribute your stuff all over without disturbing your sleek look.


7. Running shoes in public? No: running shoes are good for what they are; for sports. There are shoes you can wear with your casual clothes, not your sweaty gym shoes. Sweat makes shoes smell especially when you don’t give them ‘breathing space’. Do not mismatch the colour of your socks. Always match your socks’ colour with your trousers and not your shoes.


8. Short sleeved shirt with a tie is a big No: this is a big eyesore. Ties should always be worn with a long sleeved shirt. You can always roll up the sleeves when you are relaxing. Your tie should end just above the belt buckle and make sure it is positioned well so that it will be at the centre of the buckle. And don’t forget pocket squares are so the in-thing right now, make sure it matches the colour of your tie.


9. Coordination of accesories: the colour of your watch strap, belt and shoes should go hand in hand. Slight tonal difference of the same colour family is allowed depending on the extent of the difference in shades; a little difference in colour shades will do. The same thing goes for the texture and shine of the three.


10. Too much jewellery: except you are a musician and you are shooting your music video, do not wear too much jewelleries at the same time. The ideal man’s jewellery should be his wedding ring, watch and cufflinks. You can wear a bracelet and neck piece but definitely not with your formal wears. Balance the number of pieces you wear at a time.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. As a metrosexual guy, I’ve always championed the opinion that fashion of the 21st century heralded an age of expressionism and individuality hence, it need not be tangled in so much rules making it stiff/rigid, caged or boring…. Maybe that’s just the non-conformist in me talking sha. Btw, a short sleeved shirt with a tie isn’t that bad when one knows how to pull off a preppy (for young guys) or foppish (for older men) look.

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