Why Nokia’s set of new Android devices is a terrible idea and benefits no one.

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Ok,  first and foremost I love Nokia. The Nokia X2-xx [The one with the imaginary Blackberry feel]  Was my first device and I loved it, but having taking some time to engage my head on the whole idea of The Nokia X line of android handsets I am not just convinced about the phones.

I was having an Exam on the day Nokia

launched the X, X+ And XL android handsets and while I would always say I’ve always wanted an Android phone made by Nokia, I’ll never in any life give Nokia my money for any of this devices. You might be wondering why, Simple Answer.  The Nokia X and it’s brothers benefit No one.  I’ll explain further


The Nokia X line of phones where simply made to make Android look Laggy, which in actual fact is not true. Coupled with low optimized hardware and Ridiculous amount of RAM [285 RAM on the Nokia X and 728 RAM on the Nokia XL]  the devices will be the king of Lags. Having an Instagram or a SnapChat or a Vine app means nothing when the hardware is not fully optimized for such [2MP primary camera on the Nokia X and 5MP primary camera on the Nokia XL] 

Nokia dumped all Google services in favour of Microsoft services and even though it makes some sense because Nokia is now owned by Microsoft, porting Gmail, Google search, google maps apps will be a pain in the neck due to the high rate of lag

The budget Lumia phones will also suffer, most people want an Android phone from Nokia, just as far as it can play Temple run, Fifa 14,Pes 2012, plants vs Zombies [even if they are all likely to play poorly on the phone]

Nokia trying to tempt us with Plants vs Zombies

Hence the sales of the Lumia 520 and 525 will surely decline in favour of the Nokia X line


Nokia should focus on making an Android phone with decent mid range specs not the present crap of Nokia X line which will keep on lagging behind in every task you perform with them. They should focus more on bringing Microsoft services to the Google Play Store and not try to tempt us with Plant vs Zombies and The Amazon App store

If you’re an Android fan and are looking for a budget phone, buy the Tecno P5, M7, M5, Motorola G, Gionee M2 and don’t even look twice at this abomination




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    1. Hello Victor, before you agree with whatever you read on the internet, take a moment to check it’s credibility. Just because someone can blog and has internet access doesn’t make his word Gospel. Use your brain and call the real stupid people (you) stupid.

  1. Stupid article. Read more and learn more before you write something which can (negatively) affect others. Because there are NO Google services; the devices will run much faster than most of the ‘Low-end’ android devices. And there will be no add ons plus, no chance to be ‘Scroogled’, therefore, NO LAG! Please, before you share your opinion next time, make sure it’s educated and not off your head or Ass.

  2. How is a device you have never used laggy??? Android hides a lot of inefficient software behind bigger ram and processors. If they revamped the software then it should not be laggy. These guys are the ones that have created countless phones with tiny ram, if anyone could do it, they can.

  3. Rally not a good article I feel. Have you used the phone? One more thing, can you able to see how much your ram you are consuming? Simply increasing ram doesn’t make sense I believe.

  4. Only being justified by the American press “if it’s to be used in the 3rd world”. Please! Like there aren’t any better, more Hardware-Software integrated affordable phones.

  5. If anybody here has used d Nokia x line he/she should please share wit us how gud/bad it is 2 avoid d confusion

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