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There are various reasons women cheat on their spouses and even though some of them might not sound rational, here are some reasons women cheat on their men.

  1. He cheated first
  2. He got fat and sexual attraction vanished
  3. The man they cheated with was a way better lover than their husbands
  4. They wanted to be more adventurous and the men in their lives didn’t
  5. Sex had not been there in over a year
  6. They wanted to make their man jealous
  7. Their men didn’t find them sexy anymore
  8. They were bored out of their mind
  9. Their sexual fantasies were tossed back in their faces.

10.The men never initiated sex.



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  1. I;m planning to cheat bcoz my boyfriend only make love to me twice a month and it affecting my intimate life, I love him bt if I found a guy that will satisfy me, if he like make he thing say bcoz I fpn get money

  2. Spouses, lovers, whoever may do the cheating obviously have issues within themselves and generally it has nothing to do with what ( or what not) their partner did or didnt do. Its not because of looks, working to much, not enough attention, you gained weight, etc. The simple fact is they just DON’T LOVE YOU ENOUGH (IF AT ALL)! So move on and know that there is a person out there that will love you enough. Being insignificant hurts but it doesn’t change the fact so move on….. And hopefully real love will find its way to you.

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