Top Highlights From The 2014 Lagos Polo Tournament In Photos

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After a successful two-week of exciting polo, music, fashion, champagnes and cocktails, the 2014 Lagos International Polo Tournament finally came to a grand close on Sunday 2nd March 2014 at the Lagos Polo Club, Ikoyi, Lagos.

 From thrilling performances by star artists like M.I, Yemi Alade, Wizkid, KCee and Lynxx, to the dazzling Veuve Clicquot Lounge where guests enjoyed polo from an exquisite lounge, the 2014 Lagos International Polo Tournament records great success.

Here are exclusive pictures of highlight activities from the four-day event held at the Lagos Polo Club, Ikoyi, Lagos only on 360nobs.

    lagos polo club highlights____DSC0473__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0462__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0465__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0661__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0435__360nobs

lagos polo club highlights___IMG_8711__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8678__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8673__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8665__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8608__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8569__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8714__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8715__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8643__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8620__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8602__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8379__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_1667__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8570__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_1567__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0667__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0662__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0623__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0604__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0458__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0499__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0488__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0588__360nobs

lagos polo club highlights____DSC0346__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0682__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0673__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0675__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0953__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0954__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0998__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0988__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0370__360nobslagos polo club highlights____DSC0367__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8942__360nobs

lagos polo club highlights___IMG_8908__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8897__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8903__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8904__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8876__360nobslagos polo club highlights___IMG_8881__360nobslagos polo club highlights___8875__360nobs

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