This is probably the best Comment I’ve read About PDP and APC saga

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This comment was posted on Nairaland by Don Xavi and already has about 150 likes and counting . In his comment he addresses what he thinks APC Is doing wrong and in my Honest opinion, he’s spot on. Read his comments after the break

APC VS PDP, when will the war end?

Things to know about APC………

Rigged elections are not rigged as long as APC does it

• Corruption is not corruption as long as APC members do it

• Under-performance is not one unless done by PDP officials

• Godfatherism is not godfatherism if involves Tinubu and not Anenih

• Nothing wrong if Aregbesola buys two bullet proof hummer. jeeps for 120 million naira , Fashola buys 3 bullet proof cars for 600 million Naira unless it is a PDP minister that does it

• Bad political leaders are no longer bad political leaders as soon as they become members of APC.

•Yes, this is the philosophy APC wants Nigeria to imbibe and wants Nigerians to buy. Yes, APC wants to wrestle power from the ruling party.

They do not have the interest of Nigerians at heart. They are a set of corrupt,selfish,greedy,old and worn-out politicians. They are bent on feeding fat on the common wealth of the people by converting public funds and properties
to personal use.

APC believes in deceiving the people by
painting of existing roads(mostly built during the military regimes),planting of flowers etc which have no direct impact
on the people. Passing obnoxious laws which undermines the power of the people thereby reducing the people to slaves in their land.

…. And now for the sucker punch

•Now listen to me you sycophants, bigots, etc,as long as you continue to see most things wrong with PDP but see those same things right with APC, we will continue to expose you and ensure you never set your itching feet into ASO Rock and your itching palms on our national coffers.

Feel free to comment if you agree with Don Xavi comments or maybe he got his logic all wrong. 2015 is just around the corner



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  1. This is so true. All those politicians are even the same ones that were in pdp o. And some Nigerians are swallowing their message

  2. A very objective analysis of A P C”s ideology. Because A P C controls most of the media houses in the Lagos axis, It has been trying to use these media outfits to brain wash Nigerians,

  3. The best thing for the APC is to drop Mr. Lai Mohammed and employ a better propagandist if it is so easy to pick holes in his propaganda. The best raw material of a political party is propaganda. Running down the opponent and elevating itself. Our problem in Nigeria is that after “voting” these people in we always go to sleep expecting them to work. Whether it is PDP OR APC the end result will be the same except the people put them on their toes.

  4. hahhhaahhahah true talk broder…u know them well well….apc think we r fools but by 2015 their will know that we r not fools that we r smarter than them…now that jonathan is changing things for nigeria to be better…apc start their own fightin government and killin people in the north just to get power but their cant get the power..their will fail like egg soon and they will be ashame of themself…….. Goodluck jonathan carry go ahead are God sent

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