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You shouldn’t say any of these things because if you do, your date will be gone faster than a puff of smoke.

How much money do you make: are you looking for an aristo? Is that the purpose of this date? Do you want to evaluate this man’s salary? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then by all means, ask them on the first date.

My ex and I used to come here: you and your new date go out to a fancy restaurant to have dinner and the first thing that tumbles off your lips is that which you and your woman/man used to do in that place? It only means you are stuck in the past, aint nobody got time to be stuck with you.

Why did your last relationship end: if it is your first date and you are asking something like this, it becomes wrong. The first date should be about you both not your previous relationships and why they ended.

How can you even eat that: you may be appalled by the food in your date’s plate but please keep your comments to yourself, nobody likes his/her food to be stared at like dirt and analyzed like a specimen.

why are you still single: the reasons may vary but this isn’t exactly first date material so keep it out of the conversation for that night.



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