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I know I just recently wrote an article about the Vagina but there is absolutely nothing wrong about learning more and embracing the woman’s Vee. I mean it takes in life and births life, what is more beautiful than that eh? Biko tell me.

-The clit has more nerve endings than anywhere else on the body; no wonder it is the home of fast orgasm!

-Your vagina has magical powers, as in it expands! That is why it seems pretty shallow when you are inserting a tampon and still conveniently accommodates a well endowed guy during sex. The process is called vagina tenting and  it is when the inner two third of your vagina increases in length and width when you are aroused.

-Not all Vaginas are created equal. Some clitorises may be a little closer or farther to the Vagina opening but wherever it is, it doesn’t reduce the strength of the clitoris or the magic it performs.

-It informs you when it is baby making time. Your vagina will let you know when it is time to get preggos. The cervical mucus during ovulation is clear, rubbery and stretchy. If you are not taking oral contraceptives which interferes with the process, then you can actually watch out for this.

-It allows for different forms of pleasure. All those pleasure packed areas in the vagina means you can have four different types of orgasms namely, clitorial, Vaginal, blended and multiple and the cool thing is guys can have just one type of orgasm. The Vagina is an amazing amazing part of the body don’t ya think?

-The beauty of childbirth. It is an unbelievable fact that Vagina  can allow a ten plus pound baby to come through it and still come back to normal size, it is beautiful ethereal and an amazing thing.



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