The day I Met the Most Handsome Man in the World

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Now the title is a little over dramatic but how else was I suppose to get your attention! Two years I was trying to find more about myself, That chapter I entitled it “WTF do I Want?” I was finding out what I like and didn’t like in a man to get an idea of what Mr. Dreamy would look and be like. Some of us use celebrities to show what our type is and some of us, design them in our minds because no one comes to per. Well I designed my dream guy and oh man was he fionnnneeee! (Fine. lol) He was tall between 6’4-6’5, chiseled jaw structure, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and athletic built. I searched long and hard to find my Reality Mr. Dreamy, but never did until 11 months ago. It was funny how we met; a friend of mine, told me about this great guy he knew that saw my picture on Instagram and liked me, I asked to see a picture of the guy, when my friend showed me his profile; I screamed! He was my Mr. Dreamy from the chiseled jaw to the athletic built. I told my friend to set up a meet/date. I got his number and we began texting. The conversations were so good, he made me laugh, and it just seemed like we could talk about anything or nothing for hours. Two weeks later, we set a day where we could meet. I chose one of my favorite Thai restaurants, Sea. It was a Saturday night, I was looking good and feeling good too. I was about to meet my Dream Man, Mr. Dreamy, the love of my life, (I’m playing) the Ultimate Crush (You would be excited too!). Got to the date pretty late due to a traffic, I had texted him, I was in front of the restaurant. As I’m standing out, I see the front door of Sea open and it was HIMMM! My dream man, everything I wanted standing right in front of me.(I’m surprised, I didn’t faint)

I gave him a friendly hug and proceeded inside. Saturday nights at Sea are really nice, they have a cool DJ that sets a great mood in the restaurant, so as I entered the restaurant I knew it was going to be a good night. We were seated immediately and as I looked across the table and stared at this beautiful, handsome, dreamy man… it HAPPENED!!!




 (Still tuned for part two coming VERY SOON! Find out what happened!!)

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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