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Our society has put pressure upon us and somehow, without knowing it, our parents push this pressure further on us (at least in most cases). We are expected to go through life living in a particular format and structure.

Go to school, try and get good grades, go through the almost unnecessary service year, find a job and find a husband. And oh, marry him and begin to pop out kids immediately. Then watch the kids grow while they repeat the same process.

While being put under an unseen, unsaid pressure to actually achieve these things in the order in which they have been listed, we end up refusing to see the smallest things in relationships.

For instance a man who has got any of these things happening to him or going on in your relationship has very slim chances of asking you to be his partner for life.

-He doesn’t make you as important as you make him. when you treat him like your future husband he simply treats you like a girlfriend…for the moment.

-He doesn’t respect you and isn’t exactly planning to in the near future.

-He has issues he hasn’t sorted out with himself, issues including the direction he wants his career, when he wants to actually settle down and when he wants to start a family.

-He never goes out of his way for you, he just doesn’t see any reason why he should.

-whenever you bring up the future talk, he simply doesn’t want to have it. What other proof do you need to know this guy is never going to be ready?

-He tells you he doesn’t believe in marriage and his plans for the future involves knocking a woman up, taking the baby and becoming a single father. Yet somewhere in your mind you believe a few trips to MFM with serious fasting and prayer will change his mind. Lol, that’s serious jonzing my sister. Find your husband in front.



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