Phone Review of SAMSUNG GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition

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Samsung is ever present  in Nigeria, releasing their new products in Nigeria as soon as they are available in other markets . Gone are the days we had to wait weeks on end before a new Samsung product became available in Nigeria.

One of Samsung’s latest devices – the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition (WiFi + 3G) has been with me for more than a week now. I got it as a loaned unit from Samsung Mobile Nigeria for two weeks and I have been using it as my primary tablet.

In this article, whenever I say Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, I’m referring to the 2014 edition. 
 I’ll refer to the first edition of the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 as the Original Samsung GALAXY Note.


The Note 10.1 is the same size with the iPad Air though the screen estate is different. The screen estate of the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 is closer to the edges of the phone than the iPad. Unlike the original Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, the 2014 latest edition has hardware home, function and back buttons. The way the logo is displayed on the Note 10.1 shows that Samsung designs it in a way that suggests that they want you to use the tablet in the landscape mode.


It comes with a pen/stylus popularly called the S Pen. Samsung has tweaked the Android OS to enable the Note 10.1 perform some magic. The more you explore the apps that have been preloaded that makes use of the S Pen and those developed by third-party app developers, the more you’ll enjoy using the S Pen. The S Pen equips you with the ability to dazzle your friends and also get creative–if you’re the artistic type.


The Back of the Note 10.1 is made with a material that feels like plastic coated with leather. There’s a 8 MP rear view camera and a 2 MP front view camera.


Software and Applications

The Note 10.1 comes preloaded with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean skinned with Samsung’s TouchWiz. Most of the software features of the Note 10.1 is similar to the Note 3, that I already reviewed here on 360nobs; I’m referring to the Smartstay, Smartscreen and motion gestures. I am not going to repeat them here.

The Note 10.1 comes pre-installed with some sets of apps that a consumer can start using right away. Some of them are: Flipboard, NewYork Times app, Twitter app for GALAXY Tablets, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Polaris Office, Kleek, TripAdvisor, Dropbox, Evernote and many other apps. This suggests that Samsung already has a partnership with these companies and they want it to be pretty easy for you as a consumer to get started with the device without having to burn huge amount of Internet bandwidth to download the apps from the scratch.

Unlike how things have been in the past, there are a few more apps in the Google Play Store that are tablet specific and not just some phone apps that are allowed to function on an Android tablet.

Surprisingly, you can get WhatsApp messaging app to work on the Note 10.1. But the BBM for Android is not compatible with it.


The very few times I have used Samsung GALAXY Tablets and Samsung GALAXY Notes, I have always had issues with the keyboard. But I am more than impressed with this one. I find it very easy to place the Note 10.1 on my desk and type on continously on it while keeping it in landscape mode with awesome autocorrect that works. Formerly, I would have replaced the default keyboard with SwiftKey–a third party keyboard that’s available on the Google Play Store.

The keyboard is so rich and you can have variety of emoticons available to you. You can also have floating keyboard and split keyboard. However you want it. The variety of options available to you when using the Note 10.1 is enormous.

The Note 10.1 puts the power in your hands. Unlike on the iPad, there’s the flexibility you’ll have to manage the files that you have uploaded to your device.

What I dislike

Unlike the GALAXY Note 3 that has USB 3.0. The Note 10.1 doesn’t come with that. USB 3.0 allows you to charge your device faster and also move files from your laptop to your phone at a super fast speed. I would love to see this implemented in the next generation of Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1.


Students and creative people are going to find the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 a pleasure to use. The S Pen and the S Note and other Samsung apps that have been bundled with this device makes it worth it.

Samsung has warranty and service centers around Nigeria. This is another reason I find it very easy to recommend Samsung tablets to Nigerian consumers.

If you do choose to get one and have any question for me, feel free to drop it in the comments or tweet at me.



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  1. I was disappointed with the lack of USB 3.0. It’s a huge device and in my mind large batteries like this ought to have that advantage of a quick charge. And fast data transfer. I think it’s too big for me now. I went and got used to the 7/8″ sweet spot. Thanks for the review. You said nothing about performance, hanging issues or battery life.

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