Police Officer & LASTMA Officials Involved In Huge Brawl; One Left Unconscious

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A brawl between a police officer and 3 LASTMA officials yesterday left one unconscious.

The incident occurred along Ashabi Cole off Lateef Jakande road Agidingbi in Ikeja.

According to a report,

Trouble started when LASTMA officials attempted to tow a vehicle parked in front of a bank which was causing traffic. The police officers guarding the bank challenged the LASTMA officials and tried to prevent them from towing the vehicle which was said to belong to a bank customer. An arguement ensued and before anyone could stop it, one LASTMA official was rushed to the hospital after a police man gave him a head butt and smashed the butt of his gun into his face.

When other LASTMA officials saw what had happened to their colleague, they turned the whole scene into a free for all show as both parties started arguing and fighting.

 Head of LASTMA confirmed the incident and said the unconscious official is receiving medical attention.


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