Omotola Ekeinde Gives Advice On How To Sustain A Marriage: “Never Struggle For Power With The Man”

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Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has been married for 17 years, and certainly must know one or more things about keeping a marriage together.

In an interview with Punch, the sexy actress advised wives that there was no such thing as gender equality, and that the wife was just an assistant to the husband.

Excerpts from the interview below.

How can a woman have a successful marriage?
Omotola: I don’t believe in gender equality. I do not believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way. I believe that in every organised institution, there is always a head and an assistant.

It doesn’t mean that one should take the other for granted, or disrespect the other. I believe the husband is the head of the home and the wife is an assistant. My husband is a pilot, I have flown with him several times and I understood that here is a captain and a co-pilot. They are both responsible for the passengers’ lives. But when there is a final decision to make, it is up to the captain to make it. He is more experienced and the one with the responsibility. But any mature captain will not ignore his co-pilot because the co-pilot is not a cabin attendant. He is there for a reason. It just depends on how you understand and play your roles.

I believe women should understand this. When a woman starts a struggle for power tussle with him, it tends to cause friction in the home. The woman should give the man the respect as the head of the home and also prove herself as a worthy co-pilot. He needs to see you as a reliable co-pilot. Sometimes, he may not be the one running the house day-to-day, you are the one to take decisions but you have to do it in such a manner that he is comfortable enough to see you as someone he can rely on. When you have a proud and egocentric husband, hand him over to God. If you feel like your life is being threatened, or that of your children, get yourself out of that situation. You owe your children that. Try separation for a while, but before that, you must have tried other things. I do not believe that people should throw in the towel in their marriage at every flimsy excuse.

You must have been a diligent wife and tried prayers and intervention. If all those fail, then you can remove yourself from that situation. Also, couples should be friends and communicate. What we call love sometimes fizzles out. True love comes from friendship. When you don’t feel those initial sparks, friendship is what keeps you together, until when the spark comes again..



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  1. A model wit a lot of sences will always be. Just take a look at what sensible woman has flush out from her mind, i prayed for God to give my fiance d say tought like hers. God bless Omosexxy.

  2. Omotola is a wise woman who knows how to protect her future. When everything about a woman can no longer stand well well again as they use to say, when all fine boys deceiving a woman to leave her husband has tasted and gone,it is then it will dawn on the beauty of yesteryears who believed they are too pretty or too influential to stay married to a man- that they are in serious mess with majority becoming mistresses to people that ordinarily should be their utility maid or servant had it been they took the route omotola is treading now. God bless you my sister.

  3. Thank u,my sist. Marriage is understanding, tolerance, respect and so on. Ladies, celebrities should learn from her.

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