Meet Jessica Chibueze And Her African Public Health Initiative

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One’s never too young to make an impact in the life of others, and 20-year old Jessica Chibueze lives by that mantra.

In her own words,

“I’m a 20-year old Nigerian American living in the United States who has been going on summer mission trips to Uganda for the past three years. After my first mission to Uganda, my life was impacted greatly. After this trip, I decided to major international Studies and minor in Nonprofit Studies in hopes to secure a career dealing with international development in Africa.
On my second trip to Uganda, I started a initiative to advance public health by teaching young children the importance of hygiene as a way to prevent diseases that the doctors on our mission team would commonly come across during the medical outreach programs we conducted. In 2012, I was able to bathe and clothe 20 children. In 2013, I had a modest goal of bathing and clothing 40 children, but was successfully able to outdo my goal and tend to 60 children.
This July, I intend to continue my project my bathing and clothing 100 children. As an act of sustainability, I want to raise enough supplies to be able to give them enough toiletries to last each of these 100 kids for a year. I also intend to raise money to help support other young Africans to go with me to Uganda this year.
My ultimate goal is to replicate this initiative and establish in Nigeria in the upcoming years.”
Jessica has built a very good thing, and you can show support for this amazing initiative by donating online here.
To contact Jessica, email her at or mention her on Twitter at @jessnnecee.
Check out pictures from her previous trips below.
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  1. Wow. This is amazing. I’m so proud of her being Nigerian and all. I have a plan to do something like this but on a smaller scale for now

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