Long Distance Relationships: Meaningful or Not?

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Ever heard the saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” Do you believe it’s true? Do long distance relationships last? Do they last very long?

A long distance relationship “LDR” is when a person is in a relationship with someone separated by a significant amount of distance. I’m Anti- LDRs!

Why don’t I believe LDRs can work? Well when you are with your gf/bf you are trying to get used to “physically being” with them and when you aren’t you are trying to get used to “mentally being” with them; it’s kind of estranged, being with a person that you know and love but don’t see very often.  Even though you care; can you really take not seeing them for weeks or months or going back and forth playing this game of “Now you see me, Now you don’t?” Trying to make every moment memorable because who knows when next you will be able to see each other. (How depressing?) 

I have been in three long distance relationships. (I tried sha) I was optimistic about being in a long distance relationship. I truly cared about my significant others and thought it could work, but it’s difficult. When you want to be loved, hugged, go on dates, to wake up and be able to see your partner at any given time is something one in a LDR, just can’t do. When you finally get the time to see your girlfriend/boyfriend no time is ever long enough because the amount of time spent apart is much greater. I know couples in LDRs use Skype, texting, WhatApp, and other technologies to keep the communication going, but there will always (in my opinion) be something missing. The touch, the feel, the embrace, and the facial expressions no smiley or “lol” can replace.

 Love is a beautiful thing. It’s worth fighting for and if you truly love someone it shouldn’t matter whether they are 1 mile or 1000 miles away from you. The most important thing to have in any relationship is trust. If you are in a long distance relationship, I salute and wish you and your partner the best. As for me, if you aren’t 1 to 30 miles away, it can’t work. I’m just keeping it real….

Are you PRO-LDRs or against them? If you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear them. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @missalldaabove or Instagram @sixfootamazon

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  1. I think it could work if its real love. That’s why it works in marriage. But you can only do it for a short period

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