HTC President : “Samsung devices are for those that want cheap plastic”

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HTC loves poking fun at its fiercest competitors. When the Galaxy S5 was first announced, HTC said that “buyers remorse” would be coming soon to GS5 customers and later HTC’s North American president Jason Mackenzie retweeted an image likening the Galaxy S5 to a band-aid.

With the HTC One (M8) now official and already available in select markets, HTC’s public confidence is on the high. This is particularly true when it comes to Mackenzie, who has been talking up the HTC One 2014 Edition, M8, quite a bit recently while doing his best to throw in some jabs at the latest Galaxy S handset.

Speaking in an interview with Business Insider earlier this week, Mackenzie said that HTC was a  “company that invests in our customers and delivers a beautifully designed product that you can feel proud of.” Turning to Samsung, he said the firm is simply “focused on investing in advertising”.

Mackenzie further went on to say that Samsung uses it’s marketing and advertising to “paint the world blue” and that this is “evident when you look at the product”.


This falls in line with Mackenzie’s previous comments during the HTC press conference earlier this week, where he said that the HTC One M8 experience is “so much better than… throwing a few dimples on the back”. Mackenzie summed up Samsung’s position in the market by pointing out one of the company’s arguably biggest weaknesses: it’s use of plastic.

If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there’s a solution for you. But we’re going after a different customer, someone who wants the best.

Jason MacKenzie HTC President of North America



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