How To Rock The ‘All White Ensemble’ Naija Style

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Happy new month guys. The 360Nobs Style team noticed that in February 2014, Nigerian fashionistas really, and when we say really we mean  really bought into the all white trend.

This trend has actually been around for ages, but I think the fact that most of Olivia Pope’s (the world’s favorite TV character) outfit choices include white has brought the trend back.

Here are different  ways to pull off this look Naija Style:

THE DENIM APPROACH: This is the easiest way to get that sophisticated look, -yes wearing white makes you look more sophisticated- All you basically have to do is pair your white pants with a  white tee, a tank top, a shirt, or a blazer and you are ready to go.


Pair that white long sleeve shirt with a pair of white denim/jeans, a white clutch and what better way to finish off the look than with animal print shoes?white princess

Pair your white denim with a white tank or t-shirt, and a beige purse. Give your outfit a formal look with a crisp white blazer, add a pop of color to your outfit with colored court shoes.white salewa1

Accessorize with black:

Add a hat, to your look to stand out even more.
Add a hat, to your look to stand out even more.

Here are other ways to pull off the all white look using denim:

eku edewor ethereal headpiece garden partywhite salewawhite 1

The Sheik Chic: From the cut out dresses to the sleeveless ones, and the jumpsuit. All you need to do is add a big smile and ooze confidence, then you are ready to take over the world.

Emma Nyra
Emma Nyra
Nicky Coppolang
Nicky Coppolang


The Bold & Bodacious Woman : I love the choice of her hair color and those yellow strapped sandals, great and fitting m make-up as well.

Beat FM OAP Toolz Oniru
Beat FM OAP Toolz Oniru


The Fun Fashionable Mother: Elderly women usually shy away from trends. She looks fabulous. She doesn’t look like she is trying to hard, she isnt too covered up and isnt showing too much. The perfect balance.whiteee


Cute Couple: You and your partner wearing all white would not be too cheesy, so give it a shot. If this was red, blue or some other color we would have a problem

This was at Classic FM's Valentine's day concert
This was at Classic FM’s Valentine’s day concert


PhotoCreditInstagram: (misscocodella, thepuffpuff, emmanyra, stylecaramel);  Insignia Media

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  1. Hmmm. All white is def. an easy way to look chic. But it could get tricky, I’m not really a fan of mix matching an immaculate white with an off white except in some rare cases like adding an off white blazer to complement an immaculate white ensemble. Anyhooz, it’s just my opinion. The individualism in the expression of fashion has left some things more objective.

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