How To Cheat Safely

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For those of you who are interested in cheating, please go ahead but know that when you are caught the consequences are dire. Cheating is quite exciting and sweet. But to make sure you are not caught, please follow the following steps:

1. Have the phone number of your illegal partner in your head and not stored in any coded name on your phone.,

2. Give her your favourite sisters name as her nickname, so when she calls and you are with madam, you can easily take the call and talk confidently.

3. Don’t password your phone, but always remove the battery of your phone and put it in your pyjamas trouser while sleeping

4. Have no Facebook or Twitter account. You can be tracked and caught easily.

5. Love your partner deeply, that way she would not be suspicious and would never doubt.

6. Don’t have any predictable lifestyle cos when you start cheating, it will change and give you out.

7. Delete your illegal partner from bb every night and put her back on your way to work.

8. Buy the same type of perfume for you and your illegal partner, so that your wife would not know when you have been with her.

9 cheat on your illegal partner that way you are not attached to her.

10. Never trust a third party with your illegal affair, they always talk.

But then again, the stress in keeping all these rules, is enough for you to reconsider and be faithful., that way you live longer, stress free, get richer and God will bless you., LOL

Edgar J

Edgar J

An Investment banker with a chip on his shoulder. A deep thinker with a different view of the society. Blogger and theatre critic, Edgar passes social commentary on Events, issues and people usually from a humorous standpoint. Sometimes caustic and almost fearless, he mixes his vitriolic abuses with humour such that the message hits you with a buffer that makes you smile. He runs a regular column in MODEMEN Magazine while still keeping his day job as a Financial Adviser cum wealth manager. A keen sportsman, Edgar loves the exciting game of train spotting. As there are no more trains in Lagos, he has taken upon the keen sport of Molue counting. He believes that in the next five years, these legendary modes of transport unique to Lagos would disappear hence his interest in them. A Lagosian by birth and a Shomolu man by residence. Welcome to Chantal’s....


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