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I would like to say the moment you start throwing up on people and flirting with everyone including the funny looking doorman/security guy or if you are a guy, the moment you start hitting the waitress on the butt. but how many people actually reach this insane level before they borrow themselves brain?

Most times, not so many people. However alcohol doesn’t have to bring you to this level before you become a total idiot.

The moment you cannot hangout with anybody without desperately craving for a shot of tequila or whatever you are on the way to too far. There is a problem with anybody who literally needs alcohol to get through hangouts, dates or events. the moment Vodka is what keeps you through the entire night, you are going too far and you need to stop.

When you feel the overwhelming urge. Doesn’t matter if it is just you and your girlfriend or boyfriend having a date, all you want is just to drink through it. Something is wrong.

You don’t see the fun in being sober. What is the fun in being drunk all the time? I don’t know what it feels like but if there is a point in it, I will like to know. Once you have gotten to this point and you feel like this every other time, oh well…

When you are on a date, you worry the attraction might not happen if you don’t have some shayo in the system. Which is very true, I mean how can you feel any sort of attraction with anyone else when you are so attracted to alcohol?

You know all the drinks in every bar by name, know each level of alcohol each has and can name the drink if you were blindfolded and made to taste it. Haha I mean this one has to be the height yeah? I mean knowing every freaking drink by name, alcoholic percentage and taste? You need big help.

When you don’t understand why people wont love alcohol. Oookayy…



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