Five Things Our Sons Should Learn About Women

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I read an article titled, “8 THINGS I WANT TO TEACH MY SONS ABOUT WOMEN” on and I agreed with every single thing listed in that article mostly because I am a woman and I know these things about my kind and also because every single line is very true.

It has inspired me to compile the things I will want my son(s) to learn and have at the backs of their minds about women as they grow into handsome (oh yes I had to put handsome, aint no ugly baby coming out of my Veejayjay haha!), successful and confident adults.

-Women are different and beautiful in their different ways: whether as a Lupita Nyong’o as a Genevieve Nnaji, as an Omotola, as a Tope Oshin Ogun, as a Bimbo Akintola, as  Waje, as a Kate Henshaw as a Tiwa Savage or as an Annie Idibia, women are extremely different.

-Never compare, simply understand: As listed above, women vary in everything and that is why it shouldn’t be expected that every woman will carry the same quality as the last one. When dealing with females, men tend to realize that women “show different colours”. Comparing the present woman with the past one is simply unfair, everyone has their own behavior and qualities, understand that and stop comparing.

-Don’t take a woman for granted: Women love to be appreciated, even when they cook that awful dinner for you after trying their best to make it come out right, they need to hear and know that you appreciate it. Women love to hear “thank yous” and “well done”.

It is not a woman’s job to take care of your kids all day long or to do domestic chores all day everyday, nobody said those things had to be done by women, so if for some reason the woman is the only one doing it in your home, don’t take her for granted and assume it is her job. Say plenty thank yous, buy her gifts and make her feel special.

And do not let the “I love you” be as scarce as fuel is in Nigeria, in your home.

-Be respectful: Be a gentleman to her and to others. To be honest, if you respect yourself you are most likely going to respect others. Respect should also not be limited to when you are in public, when you are alone never forget to respect the woman.

-She is not crazy simply because you don’t get her: If she is different from any other person you have been with and ever met, it is because that is how her person is. You either try and understand her while you foster a relationship or you don’t bother trying to enter her life.

Do not call her crazy because she is not like the others you have been with. That’s simply wrong and unfair. She is allowed to be herself. And while you are at it, do not try to change her.

PS: Don’t go about looking for a woman that is like your mother to be your wife. That’s just simply unfair.

So Ladies, share what you want your son(s) to have in mind regarding women or what you would like to teach them regarding women.



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  1. Do you know all these apply to men as well? Women should stop being self centered and think of the opposite gender as well

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