Find-A-Med: Locating The Nearest Medical Facility Just Got Easy!

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From the colleague who died of the simplest medical condition, to the random accident victim who didn’t even make it to the hospital before they gave up,  everyone has directly or indirectly experienced poor medical attention. There  is no denying that Nigeria is dire need of improvement in the health sector and emergency services.

JumpSpace Communications is pleased to announce the release of its new mobile app Find-A-Med, a location-based mobile application that helps users find nearest health centers around them, while also storing and keeping track of their basic health information in case of an emergency.

“Though a large number of medical centers of varying quality exist in every part of Nigeria” says Emeka Onyenwe, Co-founder JumpSpace Communications “there is no accessible, searchable database. Find-A-Med was created to solve this challenge”

Available for free on the Google and Apple stores as well as mobile web on, and with over 5000 medical centers already registered, the new app gives users access to a rich database of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, dental care, eye care, laboratories and other medical centers, as well as turn-by-turn directions to medical centers closest to their present location.

Find-A-Med also doubles as a quality review directory which applies raw open data in a more usable format to help individuals make informed decisions about the types of health centers around them. This means that users can review the quality of care they have received, thus providing life-saving information and in some cases, accountability to those health centers.



Though in its beta stage, the app has already begun to receive rave reviews, including being named “a great tool for the health sector, providing easy access to relevant and accurate health centre and professional medical information that even local business listing services have struggled to provide in such a way”

The app can be downloaded here –

Connect with Find-a-med on Twitter: @Find-a-med



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