INTERVIEW: Eva Alordiah gushes about her work as a Makeup artist and her Makeup School

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With Eva Alordiah, the talent just keeps flowing! In this interview with jasmine at mySkinMakeupHair, Eva dishes about her work as a Makeup artist, Her makeup company ‘makeupByOrsela and her Makeup school in Lagos.

To Register and Participate in Eva’s upcoming Makeup school sessions, the “Makeup Master Class” starting in April, Click here


I love Eva. I mean who doesn’t right? When i decided to have a chitchat with Eva, i knew already there would be so much to talk about. Eva isn’t exactly one to have bare things to say. And lucky for us, she is a PRO Makeup artist! So you laready know i intended to drill her on Makeup, Beauty and the whole works from her professional standpoint.

Enjoy my chitchat with Eva Alordiah below:

  • I understand you dabbled into Makeup artistry at a very early age. Can you tell me more about your start?

Yes i did start very early. i was 15 at the time and i just knew i could do it. My first love was eyeliners and it gradually built on from there. I guess thanks to the fact that i could draw being a fine artist at the time drawing on paper, it was an easy transition for me to draw and paint on peoples faces. I found it amusing, exciting, powerful – just to be able to create different looks time and again and be in control of how something or somebody looks.

I started from doing my own Makeup and having all my friends admire it everytime, then i began to do makeup for all my friends and it picked up from there.


makeup by Eva
makeup by Eva
makeupbyorsela 3
makeup by Eva
  • How is it that you can combine being a Music artiste and being a PRO Makeup artist

I find them both fulfilling in their different ways. I guess these are just extensions of me being a Creative person at heart. So whether it is Writing, designing, drawing, Creating music or Makeup artistry, as long as I am creating something then its just relatively natural for me.
Music and Makeup both serve their purpose for me. Its all work and play when they happen. What I do is focus on what it is I am doing one at a time. So if I am at the Makeup school teaching for instance, I couldn’t be bothered with what’s going on with my music in the studio and so on.

To Register and Participate in Eva’s upcoming Makeup school sessions, the “Makeup Master Class” starting in April, Click here

  • So you Teach at the Makeup school yourself?

Oh Yes of course. I really love to teach Makeup artistry. It is a blessing to have all this knowledge, and even bigger to be able to share.
Even though I don’t get to teach as many times as I would have loved to in a Year, the makeup School still opens every quarter. In that time I leave everything else and focus on the Makeup school.

  •  We hear you also do your own Makeup for your shoots, videos and interviews as a Music artiste. Why is that?

I mean, why not? LOL. I just haven’t found someone else i could trust with my face. I think it is such a Makeup artist thing. We believe we do it best ourselves.  It is fun for me, so i do it.

  • What is the easiest thing for you to do with Makeup?

Eyebrows! LOL. I call myself the eyebrow specialist. There isn’t any brow i can’t fix. It is very interesting to do and also the easiest to teach at the school. My students have such joy on their faces when they learn the tricks to it, its like “Why didn’t i think of it that way before!”

  • What thrills you the most about Makeup?

That would definitely be Special effects. Its more challenging than the regular beauty and fashion looks, especially if you are working whole body pieces.
I have loved Horror movies since I was a child. I mean, I don’t even think I enjoy a movie if it isn’t horror or action where there’s a lot of Blood and special effects going on. I think that’s where my interest in SFX stems from.
Special Effects makeup is like my getaway drug. Zombies, Dead skin, Bruises, scars, animated characters, Missing limbs, skeletal frames, the works. I just sit there and create realistic life forms and it fuels my creative senses, makes me happy.

makeup by Eva
makeup by Eva
makeup by Eva
makeup by Eva
  • I have seen a couple of your Special effects works and I do believe you are really gifted and effortless with it. Would you consider working with Nollywood perhaps?

Haha! I get that all the time from the fans. Its amazing you know, that sometimes regardless of how great your work is with SFX, you still can’t convince some people to stay off mediocre representations with Makeup. I have actually had a director contact us for his movie and then cancel cause he didn’t want to pay for the service, settling for what it was they were used to.
I guess some people just don’t see the value of properly done SFX and they don’t want to care.
There’s no greater joy than working with a team that values your input, and I haven’t got that yet. So for now its not on my mind to pursue.
Personally for me, I am happy to teach Makeup SFX at the school or do it for personal projects like shoots, videos and portfolios. Its more satisfying that way for now.

  • What other Celebrities have you worked with asides yourself?

Haha! I hardly consider myself a celebrity biko. I’m just a small girl from Delta state. (Laughs)
I have had the pleasure of working with Chidinma, Toolz, Toke Makinwa and Vvonne Vixen.
All of them beautiful in their own right. I really Love Toke Makinwa’s face. She’s like a perfect canvas for any makeup artist. Vixen has cheekbones to die for. I could contour her face all day!

makeup by Eva
makeup by Eva
  • Is there anyone else you’d love to work with?

A lot! The list might probably be endless if I start now. But most definitely Tiwa Savage, Rita Dominic. Denrele Edun. I would love to make Denrele a Zombie. Haha! That would be fun.

To Register and Participate in Eva’s upcoming Makeup school sessions, the “Makeup Master Class” starting in April, Click here

  • How do people find out information about your Makeup school and courses for training?

Our website is updated frequently with School dates and Course modules. We have also made it very easy and user-friendly, so intending students can Register and pay fees online as well.


  • If there was one Makeup secret you could share, what would that be?

Brushes! That’s hardly a secret though but if there was any tip I could give, Invest in Professional brushes. That’s the first step to creating effortless looks everytime.
And because I understand this, makeupByOrsela gives out free Brushsets every month. So if you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you could just win the next one. @makeupByOrsela.

sigmapremiumbrushes (1)


  • You seem to always be giving something for Free. You have Free Makeup Workshops, you give free Makeup products and Ebooks. Why is that?

I have come to believe that Giving is why we are here on earth. We give our talent, we give our services, we give until we are spent. I have just grown to believe in the power of giving i guess, and i feel like others are inspired to give when i give, so let the Giving go round abi? For us, it would make someone happy, so we give back as much as we can.

The Free Makeup workshops had to happen because the requests for Training have increased by a great number over time and not a lot of people can afford the Certification courses even with how affordable it is. So once in a while, just Teaching for free is worth it as long as we can touch lives one makeup session at a time.

  • Thank you so much for Chatting with me Eva. You are really so inspiring

Awwww my pleasure! Thank you for having me




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