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Hey guys, I found this absolutely hilarious but hundred percent couldn’t be closer to the truth article and decided to share with you. Enjoy

1. It is easy to and fun to have full conversations during Yoga class- If you do this in real life, you will either die of asphyxiation or the embarrassment caused by the instructor yelling at you in front of everyone else.

2. You and your boyfriend will have simultaneous orgasms hundred percent of the time- This is such a rare and mythical occurrence that it may as well be a unicorn wearing a mermaid as a top hat.

3.  Your best friend exists for the sole purpose of listening to you complain about your problems- She is also Judy Greer or Krysten Ritter.

4. It is possible to initiate sex with a woman with approximately zero minutes of foreplay- HAHAHA

5. Cheating is glamorous- It seems like at least half of all the relationships in romantic comedies begin with one party cheating on someone else in the guise of finding true love, but really, this is just rude. If someone cheated on his original girlfriend with you, you already know he wont have any moral qualms about cheating on you too.

6. You have a precocious younger sibling who gives you eerily useful life advice- Children are creepy not smart and they will never help you do anything except go bankrupt.

7. Men will fall in love with you instantly if you like one stereotypically dude thing- Plenty of women out there like sci-fi and college basket ball. If you go too far down the shared-interests road, you will get friend-zoned faster than the slut dies in a horror movie.

8. It is totally possible to Jump on a stage at a huge, sold-out stadium concert and declare your love for someone in the audience- Unless you are an adorable, physically disabled child, this would get you thrown out and/or get you arrested.



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