Draining: Oscar Pistorius To Sell House To Pay Lawyer Bills

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Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial has drained the paralympian emotionally and physically, and it’s begin to drain him financially.

The trial looks set to be longer than the original 3 weeks, and Pistorius has put the house, where he killed Steenkamp, on the market.

Pistorius has not returned to the upscale Pretoria villa since the day he shot his girlfriend in a bathroom over a year ago and “cannot contemplate ever returning to live there again,” Pistorius’ lawyer Brian Webber said.

“Due to the delay in finalizing the trial, the decision to urgently dispose of his single biggest asset has had to be made,” Webber said in a statement.

Pistorius is being defended by two of South Africa’s best-known advocates at his trial, Barry Roux and Kenneth Oldwadge, while his court team includes at least three other lawyers, including his family attorney Webber, as well as forensic and ballistic specialists.



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