Do We Love Beyonce’s Custom Made Varsity Mini Dress?

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This sequined varsity mini dress is custom made by Tom Ford, Beyonce paired the dress with hardly visible panty hose, very visible socks and a pair of black leather boots. She rocked the glamorous sequined ensemble at a performance for her Mrs Carter world tour in Cologne, Germany.


The showstopper frock, featuring a 61 for Tom Ford’s birth year and the word Molly crossed out, made its debut at the Fall 2014 London Fashion Week show.


When her tour comes to an end she will have played a whooping 132 shows-60 in Europe, 47 in North America, 7 in South America and 18 in Australia.

Ordinarily socks and panty hose are a horrid combination, but she gets away with it for 2 reasons. First, it  is an outfit for a stage performance, and secondly she is Beyonce.

What are your thoughts on the outfit?

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  1. she looks cool. its not even so obvious that she’s wearing socks with panty hose but its ok..she’s Beyonce. even my laptop recognizes her name.

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