Dencia Blasts Lupita Nyong’o – Fans Attack Back!

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Cameroonian pop singerDencia comes under harsh attacks again from both the media and fans over her new skin product, Whitenicious. The singer appeared on UK’s Channel 4 News and the BBC over the weekend disregarding Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’O’s view on the bleaching cream for black-skinned women.

The controversial pop star called whitenicious ‘pure’ and revealed it was created only for the removal of dark spots and not to bleach an entire body. When asked about Lupita’s comment on black women now trying to change to white using the famous product, Dencia boldly stated,

“I don’t care about Lupita Nyong’O and her story. We are adults and should know what we want to do to feel comfortable.”

However, the singer lied about whom her role model was when on Channel 4 News she mentioned her dark skinned older sister and on BBC, stated it was her dark skinned aunt whom she looked up to.

Do these two people even exist in the singer’s life?

Dencia even went into a questioning battle with the interviewer on BBC answering questions with questions. In an instance, the TV host asked, “why did you change your skin colour?”

And Dencia responded, “Why did you perm your hair?”

Well, fans went haywire with both interviews and so put out comments of their own:

Badara Sarja 

Dencia, go back to school in order to know who you are and your history. Damn! I don’t even know why BBC interviews uneducated/useless people Dencia. Stupid and arrogant Dencia. I didn’t even know her. She don’t even know how to converse. Freaking accent too. You are brainwashed, Dencia. Indeed, you mentioned that “white is pure”. In other words, you mentioned that black is not pure. Oh God! You will never be a Caucasian. You were born black. FYI, my white friend right here is laughing at you, and I believe that most Caucasians will laugh at you. Dumb African woman! Remember, M. Jackson did it, but he eventually regretted everything. He died of pain. Be careful._

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. She’s so dumb. Tearing down all the work that strong black women have built showing the world that we’re proud of who we’re.

  2. I do have to admit that Lupita would be more attractive just ever so slightly a shade lighter. It’s hard to see her delicate features with such dark skin. But I’m not racist, just saying.

  3. Ya’ll shut the fuck up!!! Ya’ll talking about dencia? Why don’t u mind your fucking business?! I don’t remember her forcing any1 of ya’ll to tone so why tf are u hating? @badara sarja wtf do u know abt Micheal Jackson? U can barely spell! u sick fuck!… I have no idea why pple take things personal. LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!

  4. Who are you, God? smh!! God in His wisdom intended for her skin to be that dark, and if she’s gorgeous in God’s eyes, then who are you to determine that would look better on her and what wouldn’t??? Your coment is just stupid.

  5. She says a lot of stupid stuff but I do agree with her core opinion. As an adult, you should know what you wanna do to feel comfortable. Most of the black females on here are talking shit yet are readily happy to hit the saloon for a new weave. Like who are y’all fooling ? If y’all are so fully proud of your ‘African’ features, then you should have no problem braiding your hair instead of buying some weave…

  6. So … its OK for a white person to do plastic surgery to make them feel better about themselves but questionable when a black person decides to bleach their skin to feel better about themselves????We black women have a lot of skin issues that we never discuss.Maybe it’s time to talk about our skin issues.Some black women have perfect skin,NOT ALL of us do.
    When a woman’s face is lighter than her legs,underarm,or neck is it not better to do something about it if she has the means?
    Dencia; my sister if becoming as white as a paper is what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, then keep doing what you are doing.A lot of people have done worst and none complained.I mean like sex change?????
    Seriously people do not we have more important things to worry about? Like the wars in almost every country?
    That said, “Peace y’all”

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