Chris Brown – Welcome to MTV Prison Cribs: Introducing Chris Brown’s Home Away from Home

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Chris Brown will remain in jail for at least a month after he failed in his bid to win release till a probation violation hearing scheduled for April 23. This will be Chris brown’s home away from home for the next month.


This is an inside look at what Breezy’s life in solitary confinement at the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles will be like.

This is surely a far cry from the accommodation Chris Brown is used to
This is surely a far cry from the accommodation Chris Brown is used to

But before we get to the living quarters, let’s talk about something many of us may have wondered about—food! What will Brown be eating while in jail?

Well, the inmates were served spaghetti and meatballs, peas, carrots and a salad for lunch and dinner yesterday (but the menu changes each day).

Chris breezy would be living far from the lavish life he’s used to. The 24-year-old’s room in solitary confinement (which is to protect him from other inmates) consists of a bed frame and nothing else really.

Breezy's New Crib
Breezy’s New Crib


The bathroom, although it has two toilets, clearly states that there may only be one person in there at a time, and then kindly asks that everyone wash their hands afterward on a sign.

One @ a time please
One @ a time please

Brown was arrested after reportedly being kicked out of the residential treatment facility where he had been staying. A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest because he was legally not allowed to leave the rehab facility.

Deeming Brown “troubled,” L.A. County Superior Court James Brandlin, who has been overseeing Brown’s recent back-and-forth with the court, sent him back to the slammer without bail despite Brown’s lawyer’s insistence to the court that holding the singer is a “waste of judicial resources.”

I hear we shouldn’t feel sorry for the singer because he should have been in jail for beating up Rihanna, for not being nice to Karrueche (his ex), for not staying in rehab, for fighting a lot and finally, he needs a place to chill so jail is the right place. It’s good for meditation, music compositions and dance routine creation.

And Chris Breezy, we beg you – please never drop the soap.

…what do you think of this tangled web that Chris Brown has weaved for himself?

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