China’s Message To The MH370 Families; ‘Accept They’re Dead And Prepare For Their Funerals’

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The Grieving relatives of the Chinese nationals on board flight MH370 have been asked to stop throwing fury at the Malaysian Government and channel their focus on arrangements for their funeral. They were asked to accept evidence that the plane crashed with no survivors. Almost 30 families flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yesterday to vent at the government.

The Government said it was understandable that not all sensitive information could be made public. The families of the MH370 flight were asked not to blame the Malaysian authorities for covering information in the absence of hard evidence.
The Chinese Government also added that they should now accept the evidence and begin preparing for the funerals of their loved ones.

Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. Eiya. How will they expect them to just leave like that when they’re no bodies? Of course they’ll still have hope

  2. This message can be relayed in a nice way not bluntly telling them to go and prepare for dem no wan prepare nko?

  3. Well I guess dis statement wouldn’t have been uttered by d Chinese govt if the family of d Chinese leader is directly involved. Foolish people!

  4. I guess the government was tired of hearing their rants they had to go the hard way…this event will never be forgotten in the history of aviation.

  5. av heard alot of sides to this story that may raise a few eyebrows. clearly there re certain info that can’t be made public knowledge. Buh those families need closure and they deserve atleast that.

  6. ITS easier for this people to say this things, if the queen of england was on that plane or maybe all this high class people, that plane would be found before conclusion but it actually explains that “ALL men aint born equal”

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