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I write this against my mums advise and also against all advise from those who love me. But a time comes when a Man must stand up and fight for what he believes in. This Boko Haram thing has gone on for too long. Too many innocent lives have been lost and it has also set us back economically.

Initially, I looked at this matter from afar believing that this was really not my problem, that it was happening so far away from me that I need not concern myself with it. But alas, I can no longer bear the daily news of killings and maiming to innocent people whose only offense is calling the theatre of war their homes. Little children and defenceless women slaughtered as if there is a competition between them to see who will kill the most. A war with no terms of engagement. A war  that has continued almost unabated.

The other day, I read about the Chief of Air Staff personally flying one of the air raids. I was not impressed, because from my little knowledge of these kinds of conflicts, this tactic is usually symbolic. This war can only be won through counter intelligence. Infiltrating their ranks, destabilizing them, tinkering with their message and causing confusion amongst   theirranks ideologically.

How do you give death to people who are looking for it.People who believe that death in the hands of the enemy, in this case Nigerian Army is a sure route to heaven. So the more you kill, the more martyrs you make and the more desperate the remaining would be to make the ranks of martyrdom.

The solution is ideological warfare. Let the authorities working very closely with the intelligence community devolve very effective means of sending the true message of islam through their ranks and file. This way the true essence of the religion would touch their hearts and thereby let them see the folly of their current actions.

The most difficult war to fight is the guerrilla war, because you do not see the enemy. The enemy mixes with the civilian population to cause havoc and disappear back into the civilian population. And when you now add the fact that civil liberties cannot be touched even in this context you begin to see the herculean task the Army is facing. The U.S. Army in all its might have not been able to totally defeat the insurgency in Irag and Afganistan.

I propose a psychological warfare. Fly over their camps and throw down pamphlets of the correct teachings of the Holy Prophet, blast their camps with loud preaching of the true Islamic scholars, those already arrested debriefed and sent back into the camps, create a rival Boko Haram who would wrestle leadership from the present leadership and cause ideological divisions. If this tactic was effectively deployed with the Governors Forum, then same can be done here.

I write as one not looking for trouble. I don’t want trouble from either side, Boko Haram nor Government, I just want peace. Stop killing our children and mothers, stop playing politics with this matter, there is too much blood flowing in the Land.

I pray for this country and I pray for those who have already lost their lives in this senseless carnage.

Edgar J

Edgar J

An Investment banker with a chip on his shoulder. A deep thinker with a different view of the society. Blogger and theatre critic, Edgar passes social commentary on Events, issues and people usually from a humorous standpoint. Sometimes caustic and almost fearless, he mixes his vitriolic abuses with humour such that the message hits you with a buffer that makes you smile. He runs a regular column in MODEMEN Magazine while still keeping his day job as a Financial Adviser cum wealth manager. A keen sportsman, Edgar loves the exciting game of train spotting. As there are no more trains in Lagos, he has taken upon the keen sport of Molue counting. He believes that in the next five years, these legendary modes of transport unique to Lagos would disappear hence his interest in them. A Lagosian by birth and a Shomolu man by residence. Welcome to Chantal’s....


  1. Amen to the prayers. I however pray that the goverment and/via all the security services a and personnels both in and outside the shores of Nigeria adopt this mode of infiltrating the boko haram sect. Its quite a reasonable idea. A suggestion worth giving a trial. The goverment and the security authorities should pls give this a thought and try penetrating the high ranks of the sect. Enough terrorisms and blood sheds. Let’s all not live in fear anymore. God bless, protect and make a peaceful Nigeria.

    1. Not happy at delay in the resolution of boko haram eradication. All measures should be adopted. The rate at which they operate is increasingly unrepentant.innocent victims are killed,future destroyed,many turned disabled, orphans,widows,homeless.Nigeria,giant of Africa indeed.

  2. Join S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ that a petition could be written! And together we can help fight for peace.#justsaying

  3. what the fuck kind of solution is that! abeg violence is the only response kill them all and keep killing till they are all become martrys. Why are nigerians such fucking pussies!!!

  4. thank u for posting sure a awsome note… God bless u… ur words ” Stop killing our
    children and mothers”, men are also been killed… pls correct n know that.

  5. This must be a major joke. I live in that town and none of this will work. I’m very certain of that. There was a time where they killed even their own preachers that denounced them even a little, then you think you can play a preaching near their camp. Joke

  6. Big Steve is right. Also, one more thing, they are known by the local populace. That’s why them civilian JTF guys always fish them out and kill them. I’ve no idea how they know they but they’re always accurate. Don’t worry, their end is sooner than you expect

  7. this notewriter doesnt understand that the only language those guys recognize is violence. blood has to be shed sha ! na my humble opionion

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