Bobby’s Chronicles : Cold Night [A Story]

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Sade woke with a start, she sat up and listened.  She could hear voices downstairs, The woman shouted and the man screamed.

This isn’t right.  It was her house and She didn’t remember having any guests around . She stood up, put on her pair of slipers and then on a second thought she removed them. If their were people downstairs, she didn’t want to let them know she was coming.

She opened the door slowly. It creaked. “Shit have to get that fixed”, she sighed.
She heard the voices again, this time it sounded like the man was pleading. She started walking down the stairs slowly and quietly. Halfway down the stairs she realized she left the room empty handed, with no form of self defense. She went back to the room got a scissors, that would have to do she said within herself.

The voices were still screaming downstairs. Sade tried to clear her head. She lived alone with her son. She was a single mom and she wasn’t expecting anyone this night.  Sade walked to her sons room, opened the door a little and peeped in she could see him under the covers, “there’s no need to wake him up” she said . She closed the door and continued downstairs. She could still hear the voices but this time they were talking in low tones. She could barely grasp a word they were saying. Three more steps to go she thought . She walked into the sitting room and looked around. It was empty, She looked up and saw the source of the voices. The Television was on.
Sade breathed in relief. She could feel the fear leaving her body. The fear of having to defend her child and herself from the screaming strangers. She breathed again. Now it made perfect sense, the T.V.
   “But Who put you on, i remember switching you off before going to bed” .  
  She looked at the couch and saw the culprit, he was sitting with his head bowed and he was wearing his pyjamas. It was her son. “He must have puffed up his blanket and then come downstairs to watch TV.” , She thought.
  Sade could hear him snore right from where She was standing across the room. She walked up to the television and switched it off, then she turned around, what she saw drained the blood out of her body. Her heart stopped for approximately two seconds, she couldn’t believe what she seeing.
Her son was standing and staring at her, it looked alright except for one thing. He was missing his eyes. He just had black holes there. It looked like someone. No not someone, something.
He had reached into his eyes and ripped out his eyeballs leaving only black empty sockets pouring out blood from where tears were supposed to flow.
Sade screamed and moved backwards till her back was pressing against the television hanging on the wall.
  He kept on walking towards her, She screamed louder and banged her hand on the wall. She kept on pressing her back into the TV, so hard it started cracking.
  Her son kept on walking towards her. Then he stopped and spoke. “why did you turn it off.” he said it in a low voice that didn’t sound like his usual merry tone.
  Sade didn’t even hear him speak she had stopped screaming and was now sobbing quietly.

“This isn’t happening, no i must be dreaming, i have to wake up”, she thought
  Her son kept on speaking “i was watching that.” his voice was a little louder this time.
  Sade knelt down and started crying.
” You’re going to pay for that “ he said.
Sade looked at her hands, she was bleeding from where she had banged the wall while holding the scissors she initially took for self defense.

He came towards her again  his arms stretched out grabbing for her neck. She was going to let him kill her maybe then she would wake up from this nightmare and her son would be sleeping in his room.
  She felt his hands caress her neck, they were cold like he had been dead for a long time.
  She closed her eyes she couldn’t bear to look into his black soulless eyes. Then she felt his hand tighten on her neck. “Make it fast i need to wake up” .  She could feel the breath leaving her body, very soon she was going to wake up. Sade never did. Death by strangulation.

She was killed by her ten year old son.

To be continued



By Bobby Unah/Tega Odumu @stamfordgeezer



"Tega is a writer/OAP, Lover of all things Tech, Sports and TV Series"


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