Bobby’s Chronicles: A Cold Night – Episode 2.

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If you missed A COLD NIGHT – Episode 1. This is the link to the 1st part of the story Bobby’s Chronicles – A Cold Night

For those who read the Episode 1.. Let’s begin with Episode 2.

   Kelvin stopped, he didn’t know what he had done, all he knew was he couldn’t sleep and he’d come down to watch TV. 

He expected his mom to come and check on him during his sleep, so he stuffed some pillows and cloths under his bed covers to make it look like he was sleeping under the bed sheet, he knew his mom wouldn’t want to come in and disturb his sleep then eventually he’ll come down to watch Television. 

That was when he blacked out.

When he came back to consciousness there was a voice in his head. He knew it wasn’t the normal voice that helps in making decisions Whether right or wrong, rather this particular presence felt strange and foreboding yet it was also soothing and calming. He feared it, yet he loved and trusted it, so when it told him to pull out his eyes he did it, after all the voice promised it would only hurt a little bit. and yes It did hurt, but Pain had never felt so calm in his ten years of life.
He had reached in and pulled out his eyeballs one by one and enjoying every bit of it, he sensed the VOICE  loved it too he knew that, even when the voice had asked him to kill his mother the only thing that had made him stop was the fact that he had no eyes, but the voice had told what to do and where to go, it had also provided him with images in his head.

Now the voice was asking for something else. “Go to the kitchen” .  He turned away from his mother’s lifeless body and headed for the kitchen following the images the voice had put in his head. 

He entered the kitchen and waited for the voice to speak again. It took quite a while for the Voice to speak to him again, then the voice flooded his head with images of what his life would be like now that he was eyeless and motherless. He didn’t want that. He saw himself standing eyeless in an homeless home. Just alone other kids laughing and poking at him. He didn’t like this life.
   The voice flooded his mind with images again. This time of a knife lying on the kitchen table. (You know what to do). It spoke again.
  Kelvin let his legs follow the image in his mind. When he got there, he stretched out his right hand and picked up the knife, then brought it down and slowly slit his wrists. He let the pain wash over his body as he closed his eyes and embraced the beautiful peace, that was death. He bled dry then died.

  The voice stood outside the sitting room window and watched everything that happened .
The voice loved making people kill that was how the voice lived. That was what the voice fed on and now the voice was done. 
   The voice turned and walked away as it’s beautiful face shone in the pale moonlight.


Written by Bobby Unah/Tega Odumu @stamfordgeezer



"Tega is a writer/OAP, Lover of all things Tech, Sports and TV Series"


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