Big Brown Candy! Afrocandy Removes Her Bra And Shows EVERYTHING! [18+ PHOTO]

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Afrocandy has no time for imposters, and wants the world to know she’s the one behind all her raunchy, evil-filled sins.

The actress posted a picture of herself with no clothing at all, with the caption “Screenshot from my New Movie Flexible Sin. Calling all dem IMPOSTERS using my name here out SHOW UR FACES Bitches”

See the photo below!




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  1. And you’re calling her a whore, why? Why don’t Nigerians use their head to think? If it was an American actress in that photo, no one would complain and they keep winning golden globe awards. Do you think a Nigerian actress will win a reasonable award with the clownish displays they exhibit in all of their boring movies?

  2. this is what I call madeness of the heart, regardless of what we call it, we are not americans why in the first place we must be like them. this is what I call demoralization of woman dignity, shame!if people can call this woman which I call thing a celebrity, what are we calling celebrity. So her intension is that our young girls will idolize her start going about in naked,shame!!!

  3. How would you feel if your sister or cousin of 10-12years old says she wants to be like afro-slutty when she grow up? Due to our custom and belief there’s no justification for such moral aberration.we emulate americans in everything we should be prepared to emulate their constant natural disasters.

    1. Anyone who think its good to be like someone, copying what is good about them and also copying bad things about them is a total fool. I guess the fellow is still under the bondage of the mind, think Nigerians, think.

  4. i know there is no sanity in her again, she knows within her that frustration is the author of these her actions.

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