7 Looks From Osas Ighodaro We Love!!!!|What Will She Wear To The 2014 Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards??

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Since she arrived on the African entertainment scene, Osas Ighodaro has done nothing less than nail all her red carpet appearances. She always brings the heat.

The African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards has been scheduled for the 8th of March, which is tomorrow!!!!!! 😀 Are we excited?( You totally should be). The hosts for the event are IK Osakiodoha, Vimbai Muntihiri and the ever stylish Osas Ighodaro. We are definitely looking forward to see Osas’s Outfit and to keep the fun going we decided to take a look back at some of our favorite looks from the Nollywood Starlet!  Enjoy:

7)At 2011 Black Girls Rock awards show in New York in a FabricTwinz 

Not to sound cliche or anything but this outfit totally rocks. The whole bedazzled theme brings out her lovely skin tone.

Osas Ighodaroimage(8)__360nobs

6)At Music Meets Runway in Lagos in Toju Foyeh

How she manages to keep a look simple and at the same time sophisticated beats me! Those earrings are the perfect complement for the dress. Way to go Osas!Osas Ighodaroimage(9)__360nobs

5)At the Flower Girl movie premier in Lagos in Andrea Iyamah 

This has to be fresh out the runway *in Rihanna’s voice*. This dress cannot be worn by just anybody and I commend her for being able to pull this off. Have you noticed how she doesn’t stress much with the hairstyles? Yep, she keeps the hair and face a bit toned down to allow the outfit shine even brighter. Smart move.Osas Ighodaroimage(3)__360nobs

4) At the 42nd Annual NAACP Awards in Los Angeles, California in a custom Leon Greene Gown

This dress is just FAB. Any more additions to this dress would be ‘over sabi’ because it has reached the peak of ‘gorgeousness’. With wings added to this, I guess she could pass for a really sexy angel..lol

Are you in heaven yet?
Are you in heaven yet?

3)At the Headies Awards in Lagos in Chi Chi Vogue A synonym for exotic would definitely be this look! This dress speaks various fashion languages, from the black straps to the nude sneak peak and all the way down to the ruffled flare. Helloo hot stuff!

Notice the simplicity in hairstyle again? yeah me too 😉DSC_0157

2) At the 1st Annual AMVCA’s in Lagos, Nigeria in a Mac Duggal Gown

Miss Ighodaro sure knows how to flaunt what her momma gave her. Despite her obvious love for flares, she never fails to show off her curves with a perfect cut.

Osas Ighodaroimage(4)__360nobs

1) At the AMVCA’s Nominee Announcement  in a DZYN gown:

Drumroll please!!!!! This as at the nomination party to the award show which holds tomorrow.image(6)

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I love love this outfit. Osas Ighodaro is officially fashion royalty. That’s the only explanation there is for her to pull off an outfit that covers her head-to-toe. She looks gorgeous. Perfect cut, Perfect color and that gold neckpiece just completes this breath taking piece.  Well done Osas, keep being a style icon. You love her already yes? Lets give you one more reason to love her even more. Here she is at the Joyful Joy Foundation Launch, which is her charity(Yes!! she gives back to the society) in a Clan piece.

Yaay!!! Finally some shoes.
Yaay!!! Finally some shoes.


360nobs Style wishes her best of luck with hosting, and we cannot wait to see her outfit or outfit(s) to the award show. We also hope all the attendees bring their A-game to the red carpet.

Which one of all these looks is your favorite?

Keep refreshing 360nobs.

Photo Credit: Insignia media; Maestromedia; Osas Ighodaro.



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