The Revolution Is About To Be Editorialized|Applause Africa Magazine Dedicates Its New Issue To Women

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In honor of International women’s day-which is today- Applause Africa, dedicated their new and educational issue to women. Here are excerpts from the magazine below exclusively on 360nobs. All female related issues are discussed in a very impressive way. Enjoy!

The era of gender subordination is gradually fading away and we are awakening to a world of gender equality. Modern culture has uplifted women into powerful positions that are gaining them notable praise, honor and societal influence. No doubt African women are joining in the changing workforce. Many of them— particularly those in the Diaspora—continue to excel in academia, business and various marketable areas. These women are making names for themselves with titles such as Entrepreneur, Activist and Mogul to name a few.

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We start by bringing you our greatest cover story ever: African women’s leadership at a crossroads. As Africa grows economically, African women across the continent and in the Diaspora seek new ways to engage their leaders. After delivering as a keynote speaker at the 2013 African Diaspora Awards, Nobel Peace Prize winner and activist Leymah Roberta Gbowee took out time to mentor a group of ladies on the need to remain career focused despite customary constraints imposed by tradition. Joining the activist in the conversation were Mpule Kwelagobe, former Miss Universe and Managing Director of the Pula Agriculture Fund, a capital fund that invests in agriculture, agribusiness and agro-industries development projects across Sub-Saharan Africa amongst others; Saran Kaba Jones, a clean water advocate and social entrepreneur from Liberia who was appointed International Goodwill Ambassador for the county of River Cess, Liberia in 2012; Three-time Emmy nominated journalist, producer and correspondent for PIX11 Morning News, Ojinika Obiekwe; activist, philanthropist and organizer Solome Lemma who runs Africans in the Diaspora (AiD), an organization that aims to unleash the philanthropic and intellectual capital of the Diaspora to advance sustainable development in Africa and Farai Gundan, a TV and radio personality who also runs an African entertainment blog and is co-founder of two tech startups. Gbowee listened attentively as the ladies chatted about the conflicting roles of career and womanhood in the African culture.

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Also in this edition, Applause Africa congratulates Lupita Nyong’o, who brings her light-hearted voice, sophistication and class to Hollywood. A single film in, she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress this week. It is great to see the growing number of African women who are redefining their roles on the continent and on the world stage.

 This issue also recognized 20 African women with powerful, inspiring and influential voices, and noted how they are redefining their roles in society. To name a few of these: Rapelang Rabana, Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, Vivian Onano, Hussainatu Blake, Mametja Moshe, Nkemdilim, Semhar Araia, Minna Salami, Mary Olushoga, Flaviana Matata, Lorna Rutto, Marieme Jamme and Julian Rotich. These women remind us of the importance of celebrating and empowering women as they continue to make critical contributions to our communities not only locally, but globally.


This issue also leads us to discuss the importance of our struggles across global and cultural boundaries. We present you with varying perspectives on the immigration debate: Should Africans care about the ongoing discussion? African Services explains why Africans need to raise their voice in their respective communities in regards to this issue.

Did you know that outside of English, French is also one of the primary languages spoken on the continent? Which brings to question: What about Francophone Africa? Make sure you stop by the interview section of the magazine where you will get a chance to learn more about the Francophone community and the strides they are making on our continent.

 Still craving more? African women are starting a revolution. In today’s popular media, the concept of a strong Black woman has been dissolved into fictitious characters. For the modern African woman, she’s constantly tossed to and fro—looking for an identity that meshes her family’s traditions and expectations from society alike.


 Still on the celebration of African women, we have Who’s Afraid Of Post Feminism? In what was probably the most famous TEDx Talk of the last quarter, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie blew open the annals of Nigerian patriarchal ignorance.

 All this said and it is only a tease of what this issue has to offer!! Okay here is one more…ever wonder. A SNIPPET OF THE STATE OF AFRICAN WOMEN. Investments in Women’s Education provide a “multiplier effort”, compounding the returns in other sectors; with more education in women comes increased health, economic growth and food security.

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