18-Year Old Law Student Finances Her Education By Going Into Professional Pornography

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Pornstar Belle Knox has become one of the most searched people on the internet after her identity as a student in Duke University was revealed.

Belle Knox, whose real name is Miriam Weeks, had difficulty paying school fees, and resorted to porn to get money.

A fellow Duke student, Thomas Bagley, had noticed her online, and she had confided her secret in him. However, Bagley had revealed the secret that very night to a couple of fraternity brothers, and word had spread like wild-fire.

Bagley had apologized, but the damage was done. Criticism and bullying hit her from all sides, forcing Weeks to publicly come out.

She came out “because the bullies of the world – starting with that young Duke man who broke his promise to me –  do not dictate my life. Because my decision to do porn does not somehow mean that the world now ‘owns’ or deserves access to every single thing about me and every choice I make.”

Weeks is highly protective of her family, and refuses to let the internet craze get to them. When asked about a report that said her parents were distraught of her odd source of income, she denied it and refused to talk about it further.




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