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You have been wondering what it is that has made you single for so long and kept the men at bay, you don’t have to “die” at the church anymore, we have found the solution to the problem you have.

You are expecting him to come find you. Which isn’t a bad thing because you shouldn’t be chasing a man. But you see, in other for him to do the chasing you must make yourself available for the chase. A man won’t chase a woman he cannot see, its only logical, so put yourself out there and watch the men tumble over themselves to get your attention.

You are downright, unbearably and overwhelmingly annoying. We all have reasons for our actions, behaviours and attitudes to other people but when it comes to this part of your life, you need to really slam your legs on those brakes and slow down.

No matter how much you have been hurt and how much it took for you to get where you are, do not be nasty to the new person. There is no reason to be, because you will just end up scaring them away.

Inferiority complex and its sisters. When we hurt sometimes, the pain courses through our hearts and leaves us with wounds that doesn’t only damage our hearts but our self worth. Most times, while our hearts heal, our self worth remains damaged.

You need to get over the damage that a past relationship or partner might have done to you and be rid of the complex. If you don’t believe in yourself or love yourself enough, nobody else would do it for you. Believe you are very beautiful, that you are smart and that you are very hot. Let nobody bring you down.

When your self confidence is intact, then it is easy to find love again.

Best thing you ever had? Bullshit! Sometimes, when we get stuck in the place where we believe the person who left us or an ex we just ended a relationship with might be the last best good guy out there but here is a simple truth, there are trillions of amazing guys better than him out there? How do I know? Because it is the truth. You are amazing and there are lots of women like you out there. There are lots of men like him and even better too. All you have to do is look very well and you will find.

You give up the cookie jar way too early. As much as there are no rules on when to give the honey to the man, be careful not to give it out too early. As much as this may sound old school, the sex might be the only thing he wants if you offer it on a platter too early. Be mindful of when you give your body and make sure he is in for the real deal before that happens.



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