Valentine’s Special: Let’s Talk Lingerie

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Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so we are all searching for how to make our other half/halves feel special. Today, we discuss lingerie.

Let me start by saying, I do not think as a guy you should buy lingerie for your other ‘female’ half, I think it is a selfish gift because duh! only you would see it at the end of the day. Do not get me wrong though, lingerie can be bought by guys for their significant other but not on Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary’s and certainly not on valentine’s day. Let it be that gift you just by on random days to show her you care.  So we begin:

I start from the very scratch for those who have no previous lingerie experience.

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Basic things you should bear in mind when buying lingerie:

1)Keep it comfortable

2)Stay within your budget

3)If you have never bought before, do not buy online, as it might not fit right.

3)Emphasize your best assets

BREASTS: If your breasts are the most alluring part of your body, you should consider buying the Babydoll/dimedoll


BUTTOCKS: You should consider wearing, a two piece or a one and half piece as I like to call them, since the lower piece would be barely there.LOL You should definitely wear a G-String.


LEGS:This could be really tricky, try panties with a high cut hip or sheer stockings and a garter belt. The danger in this is that in the heat of the moment, the boo might rip it off, and all your money would be gone. 😥


If you take your money very seriously, do not do that because you might slap him, blame it on reflex. You could wear anything really and pair it with heels. Also make sure the anything you are wearing is fitted on the upper part,very short, and high waist-ed so the focus is on your legs.


4)Pick something that flows with your personality: If you are shy and naturally not comfortable with showing too much, do not buy lingerie that exposes too much


5)Ensure lace is incorporated into your ensemble 😉 There is something about lace.


6)Other things you should pay attention too:

-Make sure there is no hair on any part off your body, except the boo likes it that way.

-Smell really fresh

-Keep the make-up light

-COMB and oil your hair!!!!!!!!!!

-Our aunties with mermaid length hair, please keep the hair away. He doesnt need any obstructions.

-Have mint, mouthwash or some type of breath freshener nearby, he doesn’t need to kiss onions. Okay?

-Wear heels for the beginning part, LOL. Why did I even say that? Wear it for the entire affair, if your head is there 🙄

-Most importantly, use protection.


Please feel free to ask any questions.I would respond to them via the comment box. Have a wonderful lingerie experience.

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