Unusual Suspects Revealed As Cast of FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

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Fantastic Four Casting

In what appears to be one of the most surprising casting News of this year, Fox has finally gotten it’s cast for the Fantastic Four reboot which includes Miles Teller, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell will join Michael B. Jordan. The actors themselves haven’t appeared in major movies seen by millions of people however this isn’t why there is so much outcry following the revelation of the cast as it’s whom they’ve been cast as that is making the headlines and making people question the studios decision.

Kate Mara will play Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman) in the upcoming reboot while Miles Teller is being courted to play Dr. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). Word is that Jamie Bell will be selected to play Ben Grimm (The Thing) while Michael B. Jordan will bring Johnny Storm (The human Torch) to life in this big screen adaptation. Now that’s what has got people talking how they got the actors selected to play this particular johnny Storm and Sue Storm.

People are not hiding their thoughts concerning this movie project as comments have been trailing this casting announcement for this movie heading to the cinemas June 19, 2015; “Who knows these actors, what have they done? Even the cartoon didn’t pull much crowd… This film can’t be good.” Well let’s know what you think about this casting and if you’ll go see the movie when it gets released.

Picture credit: Variety

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